KB4C Auction Items #3 & 4: Wind River Cellars Wine Packages

If you haven’t been to Wind River Cellars in little Husum, Washington, you’re missing out on a truly extraordinary experience. This winery is not your traditional snub-nose, wine-swirlin’, wine tasting spot along The Columbia River Gorge Winery Row. This winery has a ton of character, from the entertaining and hilarious antics of owner and wine maker, Joel Goodwillie, right down to the winery pet pig, Mini, who is not mini at all. Joel will pour wine all day and night, and then write about it in his blog, The Online Vine. If you need a good laugh, read any of his postings… I swear you will be rolling on the floor in tears of laughter. Oh ya, and they have REALLY GOOD WINE.

Wind River Cellars was very generous in donating a Wine Tasting for 10 people, retailing $250, as well as a case of wine, retailing $250, for Kiteboarding 4 Cancer.

Joel pours his latest and greatest


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