KB4C Sponsor Spotlight: Naish Kites

Naish Logo

Naish Kites was one of our top level sponsors for Kiteboarding 4 Cancer. Naish just launched their new Sigma Series of kites this summer, and wow do these things turn heads. The Helix, Alliance, Cult, and Code are new kites in the Naish Sigma line, all shaped much like a bird’s wing span. Visually striking, these kites are said to provide amazing canopy tension, great stability and wind range, precise handling, light and linear bar pressure, and easy water re-launch capabilities.

Naish Kites had one of the most impressive brand presences at the event, with big flags and a massive blow-up tent, right in the middle of all the action. Not to mention the new kites that caught everyone’s eyes as soon as they were launched.

Naish Presence!

Naish generously donated a complete 2008 Naish Sigma Series package for Kiteboarding 4 Cancer, which included a quiver of Helix kites, a new board, a Naish harness, board travel bag, and a ton of super sweet Naish swag. The top level package went to the winner of the KB4C’s Most Money Raised — Trevor Smith of Portland, Oregon. Here’s Trevor at the award ceremony after winning his big prize:

Naish winner

Thanks Naish Kites for being a part of the first annual Kiteboarding 4 Cancer!!


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