KB4C Sponsor Spotlight: Eclipse Kites and Skywalker Boards

Eclipse Kiteboarding was launched by professional kiteboarder and showstopper, Dmitri Maramenides, with business partner Chris Cousins. Their mission is to design and build kiteboarding equipment for the riders, by riders. Sounds simple, right? Not really. Some kiteboarding companies are known to design kites from behind a computer screen, not on the water. Not Eclipse. Here’s a bit from the company on how Eclipse was built…

“As a new company we had the unique advantage of seeing the direction the industry was heading and took our time to improve our designs to a point they can dominate. We literally tested every kite we could get our hands on. We looked for the performance and features we liked and also what the average rider wanted. We enlisted the help of Pro’s but also average riders help us design our kites better, simpler and smarter. ”

Grom Gormley holds up the Skywalker board, awaiting the announcement of one of the top fundraising finishers to take the prize.

Eclipse Kiteboarding and Skywalker Boards (also Dimitri’s brand) generously donated a 16 m Thruster Kite and a 130 cm Skywalker board to the Kiteboarding 4 Cancer prize winner’s circle. Jim Stringfellow, a passionate kiteboarder from Seattle, Washington, won the Eclipse & Skywalker package by placing 3rd overall in KB4C fundraising.

Thanks to Eclipse Kites and Skywalker Boards for participating in the first annual Kiteboarding 4 Cancer!


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