SUP Board Package from JWCF, Real Watersports for most donations

If you’re an athlete in the 2008 Kiteboard 4 Cancer and haven’t started fundraising yet, here’s your incentive. The John Wayne Cancer Foundation and Real Watersports are together donating a Jimmy Lewis Standup Paddleboard and a Quickblade “Kanaha” Carbon Paddle to the fundraiser with the most donations!!! Just to clarify, that means the quantity of actual donations, not the total amount $ raised. There’s another prize for that, which I’ll talk about later.

Here’s the full details on the prize from Real Watersports:

Jimmy Lewis Gun SUP Board
The Gun features an increased length for massive paddling power and wave catching ability. A narrow nose and tail give an extremely confident ride at max speed allowing huge waves to be ridden without bouncing or losing a rail. The width has been kept relatively narrow as well (especially for its length) at 27.5” wide, again to keep the ride confident and predictable in big surf. The JL Gun won’t be a board sold in numbers, but it will be a very useful tool for those in the need, looking to tackle the biggest surf out there. Having the Gun in production also means you can rely on your board being as unbelievably good as Jimmy’s gun prototypes, since the shape has been locked in. It also means you can rely on your board, or a board you borrow half way around the world riding exactly the same. Another true confidence builder in big surf….
Dimensions: 12′ long x 27.5” wide

Quickblade “Kanaha” Carbon Paddle
Quickblade Paddles are the lightest, strongest standup paddles on the market, with the best blade shapes to provide easy, powerful and efficient paddle strokes. Quickblade Paddles the only choice of Laird Hamilton and many other top SUP riders.

Jimmy Lewis GunKahana SUP paddle


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