Volunteers still needed for….


Athlete check-in and packet pickup (5:15-6:30pm): Check in participants, hand out packets. Need 3 people for shift.
1. Jody Lapidus
2. Nancy Farman


Booths & Banners (1 1/2 hours, 7am): Hanging banners and flags for sponsors and putting tables and chairs up for sponsor booths. Need 4 people for shift.
1. Jody Lapidus

Parking: Take donations for parking at entry booth (2 hour shifts from 9am-4pm) 1 person per shift:

Morning registration: Setup and check-in/register athletes and hand out packets (2 hour shift from 8am-10am). Need 4 people for shift.
Katie Rae
Danielle Matthys
Faith Cauthorn
Lance Larivee

Silent Auction: Watching stuff and bids at the silent auction (Two 3-hour shifts, from 10am-1pm, 1-4pm).  Need 2 per shift.
8-10am: Nancy Farman
8-10am: Kaye
1-4pm: Jennifer Bevacqua

Silent Auction checkout (2-hour shift from 4pm-6pm): Closing auction, checkout winning bidders by processing credit cards and giving out their prizes. Help gather left over prizes.  Need 3 people for shift.
4-6pm: Nancy Farman

Running the KB4C booth (2-hour shifts from 10am-4pm): Sell KB4C t-shirts, give out information on KB4C, schools and lessons. 1-2 people per shift.
10am-noon: Marilyn Burns
Noon-2pm: Jackie Augusta
2-4pm: Faith Cauthorn

Kite Derby & Long Jump Setup (1 1/2 hours, 8am): Setup buoys for kite derby and Long Jump event.  Need 2 people.
Setup #1:
Setup #2:

Kite Derby Lap Counters: (3-hour shifts from 10am-1pm and 1-4pm): Will count rider laps from the pilot boat on the water and communicate with statistician at the Event Site via radio. Need 4 people; 2 per shift.

Kite Derby Stats: (3-hour shifts from 10-1pm, 1-4pm): This person will be in radio contact with the pilot/lap counting boat, posting hourly updates on a leader board at the Event Site. Need 2 people; 1 per shift.
10-1pm: Faith Cauthorn
1-4pm: Katie Rae

Kite Rescue & Buoy Judge (3-hour shifts, 10-1pm and 1-4pm): Will be on ski, on the water, with one other person, checking that racers round buoys. Must also be confident rescuing kiteboarders with a waverunner. Preferably waverunner owners who understand hazards around kites, lines, and kiters. Need 2 people per shift.
10-1pm Janet Erjavec, on ski
1-4pm Nicole Doolittle on ski
Roaming Buoy Judge:

Long Jump Judges: (2-hour shifts, Noon-2pm, 2pm-4pm): Marks long jump distances from shore and water. Move buoys with waverunner.
– Need two people with waverunner experience, not necessarily kite rescue.
– Need six people that don’t need waverunner experience, but a sharp eye!
Waverunner lead: Noon-4pm: Phil Holmstrand
Buoy mover, noon-2pm:
Buoy mover, 2-4pm:
Shoreline judge #1: noon-2pm: Danielle Matthys
Shoreline judge #2: noon-2pm:
Shoreline judge #1, 2-4pm: Faith Cauthorn
Shoreline judge #2, 2-4pm: Jackie Augusta

Kite Assistants: (2-hour shifts, 10-noon, noon-2pm, 2-4pm) Assists with launching and landing, handing out water and food to kiters coming in to shore. Need 6 people.


One thought on “Volunteers still needed for….”

  1. I can volunteer Friday on athlete checkin from 5:15 to 6:30.

    also can help Saturday morning before I join the race to set up banners etc. starting at 7am

    Thanks Tom

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