Course Race and the Best Kiteboarding Long Jump (could this be a kite loop contest??)…get your strategy ready.

This year’s Kite Derby Endurance Race consists of a Long Jump element directly in front of the spectator’s area that will make for a very interesting, but nonetheless fantastic event!

For the Kite Derby, we added changed placement of the buoys in the Columbia River to increase required strategy over board selection. Instead of simply one upwind and one downwind buoy, there are now two buoys on the far downwind reach, two buoys farthest upwind, and one in the middle to require jibing on the downwind tack.

Some general details and rules on the Kite Derby:

  • Kite Derby will have all kiters starting in the water together with a pilot boat start. Boat will pull away from a buoy point, opening the starting line to an upwind tack.
  • Cutting a buoy will result in a loss of 10 laps from rider total lap count. There will be buoy judges roaming the course.
  • Right-of-way: If going the same direction, the kiteboarder ahead of you has right-of-way. If kiting in opposing directions, kiter with right-hand-forward (starboard) has right-of-way.
  • There is no required course for getting around each buoy…you just have to get around each buoy!
  • Check out the course race map!

Some general info and rules on the Best Kiteboarding Long Jump:

  • Long Jumpers must kite a complete lap in the race course for every attempt made in the Long Jump
  • There will be two “banana” shaped buoys, set at 45-degree angles for both goofy and regular stance riders to initiate their jump from. All jumpers must jump these buoys for their jump to be eligible.
  • Each time a new distance is made on a jump, shoreline judges will mark the spot from shore with a flag, and on-the-water judges will move the distance marker buoy to reflect the new minimum jump distance.
  • Long jump will be measured simply on downwind distance, NOT angled distance.
  • No jumps may be executed when a kiter is down in the Long Jump landing zone.
  • There is no limit of jump attempts.

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