If you were paying attention… we missed a little of Best Kiteboarding

Best Kiteboarding in the house
Best Kiteboarding in the house

One couldn’t help but notice the presence and contribution of Best Kiteboarding at the 2008 KB4C… with the prize package of a Waroo kite, kite surfboard, and a bunch of apparel to the top long jumper, plus Neil making his Best Kiteboarding announcements and having the main Long Jump buoy branded with the Best fish staring out at all the spectators, you knew that Best was there.

Well, apparently we didn’t get the Best Kiteboarding logo on the KB4C website and a local Best rider pointed it out. Aaaaah!!! Due to Best Kiteboarding coming in late as the very last sponsor (better late than never!!), we didn’t get the logo added to the website in time for the event. Good thing we put their logo on the KB4C poster before getting confirmation of their involvement. 🙂 I just took a chance that they would like to be a part of such a cool cause, and so glad they decided to be. Sorry for missing you on the website, BK!


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