KB4C Donations…where does it all go???

Good question! So glad you asked….

The KB4C Silent Auction : Celilo Cancer Center
Proceeds from the Silent Auction, which total about $13,500, benefit the Patient Care Fund at Celilo Cancer Center. This fund helps under-insured patients receive care at Celilo. Celilo is a world-class facility that offers hope, solace and strength through some of the world’s most time-honored healing arts. With Celilo, cancer patients throughout the region have access to comprehensive chemotherapy treatment and to radiation therapy that is near home. More on Celilo.

KB4C Kite Derby Athlete Fundraising: John Wayne Cancer Foundation with Kiteboarding 4 Cancer
Bringing in almost $64,000 alone, the athletes of KB4C deserve some props here!! The John Wayne Cancer Foundation embraces outdoor life-embracing events like ours and mentors our crew at KB4C with a vast knowledge of cancer education, awareness, research and treatment info. In conjunction with JWCF, KB4C will be selecting cancer charities and programs to help fund with this money. Have a cancer charity you would like us to check out? Email us tonia @ kb4c.org or make a comment on this blog.

KB4C Live Auction : Children’s Healing Art Project (C.H.A.P.)
Our live auction this year was dedicated to the work of a new beneficiary at KB4C: The Children’s Healing Art Project of Portland’s children’s hospitals. In addition to the $2000 raised at the live auction, KB4C will be donating an additional percentage of event donations to this great charity, TBD very soon! Children’s Healing Art Project, CHAP, brings the healing power of art to children in crisis, and their families, through a team of working artists into Portland’s children’s hospitals. CHAP’s painters, sculptors, dancers and writers have developed site-specific programs tailored to the needs and abilities of each facility and their patients.

KB4C Travel Raffle : Scotty’s Guild at Children’s Hospital, Seattle
Scott, a poet, artist, and advocate for change in the world, was just 19 when he passed away from Acute Lymphoctic Leukemia at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital in June of 2007. However, his legacy of using art as therapy in battling cancer lives on. With no formal art therapy program at the hospital, Scott’s sister, mother, and father took it upon themselves to provide Scott with a calming venue for therapy and expression. Converting his hospital room into an art studio extravaganza, they brought in paints, pastels, wood blocks, and paper and canvases of all sizes, filling the room. The masterpieces that Scott created during his 4 month battle inspired many, including other patients, families, as well as hospital staff and administration. Scotty’s Guild was formed early this year to fund a new art therapy program at Children’s Hospital, Seattle, providing children with a venue for expression, calm, and hope in art. In addition to the $2500 raised with the Travel Raffle, KB4C will be donating an additional percentage of event donations to Scotty’s Guild.

Full Sail Brewing Beer Tent & Oregon Active BBQ : Oregon Active Foundation
The Oregon Active Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit, is dedicated to providing outdoor adventures for people affected by cancer. These guys made approximately $2000 for their adventure camps, a great opportunity for kids with cancer to embrace life and experience the outdoors.

But wait, there’s more…
This year, I have to say… we were not so prepared for the outpouring of donations, considering the economic downfall since last year’s event. I mean, really…. $95,0000???!!! As a result of this generosity, we have decided to select additional beneficiaries for these funds! This is a very difficult and time-consuming process, but at the same time very exciting and inspiring. After all, we get to give to programs that are directly helping cancer patients, from children to adults, and their families, in their times of crisis. At this time, we are still doing due-diligence on beneficiaries. Have a cancer charity you would like us to take a look at for a beneficiary? Email us (tonia @ kb4c.org) or send us a comment on this blog.


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