GoPro strut-mounted cameras captured riding scenes at KB4C

It seemed like a crazy idea at the time, but we thought “what the heck, let’s just test this thing directly on the strut!”. Hesitant in 20-30mph winds, we did it anyway.

Well, it worked. Using one of the slightly curved helmet 3M sticky mounts that comes with the GoPro camera accessory kit, we mounted the matchbox-sized video camera onto the middle strut of a 2009 Liquid Force Havoc kite. The camera accessory kit comes with a durable acrylic waterproof housing that is simple, tight, and easy to open and close.

Not sure if the camera would stay on the strut, we launched the kite riders were on their way. Keep in mind that the little 1 1/2″ 3M mount is attempting to hold the weight of the camera upside down in 30mph winds. Well, see for yourself, below. I actually rotated the image in QuickTime Pro so you wouldn’t have to turn your head to watch the footage. The camera is mounted straight perpendicular to the strut, however when the kite tilts anywhere below 45 degrees (most riding), the camera does as well, turning the footage a 90 degrees on the strut. So, I rotated it. That’s why the image looks stretched to fit the screen.

Check it out….

The winners of the GoPro Digital Hero Cam and Expansion Kit are:

Cynthia Brown for Aspen Colorado – Top female finisher in the Long Jump and 2nd Place Women’s Overall

Tyler Barnes – Top Junior finisher!! Congratulations!!!


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