1st Snow KB4C Event Raises $25,000 in Canada!

Aaron Hackel traveled to the summer KB4C from Regina, Saskatchewan to Hood River, Oregon last summer with a mission. He wanted to soak it up. The event, the people, the stories, the vibe, the success, and the details. Aaron, after all, already had sponsors, supporters, and athletes lined up for the 1st ever SNOW KB4C scheduled for February 2009 in his home town of Regina. I sat down with Aaron and gave him as much inspiration and information as I could spill out while being deep in our event. It was great timing. I only wish I could have been there for his event in February! It was a huge success!

Blue skies, sunshine and sub-zero temperatures greeted 51 kiteboarders who signed up for the first-ever Taylor Volkswagen Kiteboarding 4 Cancer winter event this weekend in Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada.

A calm day at the Snow KB4C
A calm day at the Snow KB4C

Competition was delayed due to lack of wind, but that didn’t stop kiters from gathering in support of the event.

“If we get wind you will see 50 kites up and running,’’ said event organizer Aaron Hackel.

Kiteboarders traveled from Western Canada and as far away as Switzerland, to show off their skills and raise more than $25,500 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Calling himself the “poster boy for cancer,’’ Billy Bentley provided fellow kiters with living proof that advances in cancer research can make a difference in a person’s life.

“I wanted to be part of this event to raise awareness and help raise some money to help get rid of this disease,’’ Bentley said. “You want to raise awareness and show people that: hey somebody can survive this and get through it, move on and enjoy life.”

Diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, Bentley underwent a lifesaving stem cell transplant on Nov. 20, 2007 in Seattle, Wash.

Winnipeger Brian Beveridge said he was drawn to the event as much by the love of the sport as by the opportunity it provided to honor fellow Winnipeger Jim Welsh, a friend and fellow kiter who died from brain cancer last year.


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