Children’s Healing Art Project Donation Program Report!

Ok, not sure if that title makes sense, but that’s really what this is… a program report from CHAP from all of your donations! This is the quick and dirty version — I’ll have a complete progress report up in a few days.

If you don’t already know what CHAP does, here’s the scoop: CHAP brings the healing power of art to those children (and their parents and siblings) in crisis with cancer. You saw them at KB4C – they are the most visible ones on the beach! As if there wasn’t enough color on the beach and on the water with 200 kites, CHAP brought the painted car and a full staff of artists, kids, and tons of tarp, paint, and art attire!

I love this! She's painting her feet! Why didn't I think of that? So much easier than a paintbrush!

CHAP projects are helping to fill the voids in life that cancer often results from.

CHAP projects educate the public regarding what it is like for a child to go through cancer treatment.

CHAP gives people a way to be heroes, by supporting their work.

Cancer results in hair loss – CHAP comes to the rescue with Power Helmets.

A KB4C athlete recruits a CHAP artist to help decorate his board for the Slider 4 Cancer contest.

Cancer results in fear and uncertainty – CHAP responds with Bacon Boy, a kid who believed he could not only beat cancer, but also help save others from cancer too. CHAP brings B-Boy’s message of hope to the children by helping more kids create their own cartoon characters to help them understand their thoughts and feelings about cancer.

The $24,000 donation from the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and KB4C funded part of the 3,000 hours of CHAP art services for child cancer patients! Thank you JWCF and to all the donors at this year’s KB4C for making this enormous difference in these kids’ lives.

Kids at the CHAP studio in downtown Portland

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