CHAP Power Helmets – Lose your hair, gain more strength.

Children’s Healing Art Project is always coming up with unique and compelling ways to bring the healing power of art to kids with cancer, and the Power Helmets is no exception!!

As a child looses their hair, they can also lose part of their identity. As their appearance chances, their home transforms into a hospital bed, and their friends are no longer right next door. Nothing seems right. Their bodies are processing the drugs and treatments needed to bring them back to health. Everything is new in their lives and CHAP addresses this newness with new art projects that are as silly, yet comforting, and always very expressive.

CHAP Power Helmets is a new art class that empowers kids with cancer to create helmets that cover their heads as they loose their hair. The helmets are created out of the plaster embedded gauze used to build casts for broken bones. They take the hospital material and turn it into an art material — brilliant! What a great inspirational use for something that usually represents pain.

The CHAP process is engaging, a bit messy but within the health and safety guidelines for all hospitals, and always full of laughter that is part of the medicine to boost the creative and psychological health of all the children CHAP serves. The interactive process of building a helmet brings a bit of organized art chaos to the otherwise tidy and often structured life of an oncology floor. Staying true to their mission of creating art with a child is very different from bringing an art project to a child. The end results are as varied and brilliant as the children, mothers, siblings and dads they work with!


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