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  1. Everyone who is anyone, please consider donating!

    Once again, the Roeselers are participating in the Tenacity Games formally known as KB4C, a 3-day series of challenging outdoor adventure races to raise money for cancer support and survivorship programs. The event mantra is:

    “To take on a unique challenge and endure to the point of exhaustion, testing both mental and physical tenacity, embodying the struggle someone going through cancer faces every day.”

    Our goal is to raise $4,000. You can donate via my personal Athlete fundraising page, or go to “browse athletes” to “select” Cory, Levi or Trey’s page:

    Athletes for Cancer is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. The Athletes 4 Cancer mission: Dedicated to harnessing the healing power of the elements with the determination of the human spirit to impact lives affected by cancer through funding of advocacy, prevention, and survivorship programs.

    On behalf of Athletes for Cancer, thank you for your consideration and support!

    Love, Terese & fam

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