KB4C and JWCF adds quality of life in the Celilo Cancer Center Fund

Donations from KB4C’s silent auction, matched by The John Wayne Cancer Foundation, helped strengthen the Celilo Cancer Center Fund, which assists cancer patients in their efforts to enhance their quality of life through the purchase of equipment, prescriptions, or services such as accupuncture and massage.

Of the assistance available one patient said that gas cards from the Celilo Cancer Center Fund “allowed us to pay our mortgage.” Yet another recipient of Celilo Cancer Center funds, a survivor of prostate cancer said that the grocery assistance he received allowed him to remain “the man, which has been taken away from me because of the surgery.”

This year, our funds helped start the “Reflections” program, which provides wigs, scarves and sleep caps as well as make-overs to help women adjust to the changes in skin and hair from chemotherapy and radiology. Reflections will promote healing on the outside while cancer treatment works on the inside of the body. A complimentary “pamper me” session is part of this program. Many women going through treatment feel guilty in taking more time to focus on themselves and their appearance. When in fact, a sense of confidence in how you look, can help through a difficult time in treatment or an emotionally bad day. One patient, who had lost her hair to chemotherapy said of Reflections, “I feel beautiful again!”

Celilo is very fortunate to have a cancer house, called Celilo House, which provides temporary housing for cancer patients and their families, who travel from all over the west for care at Celilo. More than just a shelter, it also provides a link to the hospital, its services and people. It serves as a refuge for those undergoing cancer treatment and offers a chance for families to connect with others facing similar situations. Coming from experience, I can tell you that a place like the Celilo House is an absolutely invaluable resource! Most of all, it allows the patients the opportunity to remain in the company of loved ones and focus their attention on healing.

All in all, the KB4C and JWCF funds from our donors benefited over 400 patients at Celilo. Thank you for making a difference in these people’s lives.


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