The Next Door Inc. connects kitemakers and kids for a great cause!

The Next Door Inc. is one of our fabulous beneficiaries. Their program Nuestra Comunidad Sana addresses the need to increase the survival rate of women with breast cancer for rural, low-income, under-served women in the Mid-Columbia region, providing support to women being screened for breast cancer and improve cancer survivors’ quality of life.

When we asked how The Next Door wanted to be involved in this year’s event, we were overjoyed when they said “We’ll gather our community of kitemakers to teach kids and families to make kites!” How could we pass that up?

Through The Next Door, we learned that the craft of building kites has roots in the Hispanic community — who knew? Members of the community are coming to share this beautiful craft for all ages on July 10th at KB4C and we need materials. Store paper bags, fabric, water paint, pictures, dowels, string and glue….recycle, reuse, recreate!!!

For more information, please contact Jennifer at The Next Door Inc.


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