What do you have to say about cancer?

"The Eyes of Cancer", a wall for words and images of cancer, by Nathan Hanna, 2009

What do you have to say about cancer? Yes, we’re asking you. Whatever you want to say. We know you have something to say, so here’s your opportunity.

We are collecting words of hope and inspiration (or maybe fear and frustration too!) for our “Healing Power of Wind & Water” billboard at our fundraiser July 9-11. This collection will be painted on the board anonymously (unless you would like us to use your name), encouraging people to add to it at the event. You don’t have to be a donor or an athlete to submit your words of healing — you can be anyone who has some connection with cancer. That means…. everyone!

Can’t be here in person for the event? Write something! Riding in the races for someone? Write something!! Just another way that everyone can be involved in this great event.  Here are some ideas…

  • Supporting words for someone battling cancer.
  • Your inspiration/drive as an athlete in the event.
  • A story of someone you know going through cancer.
  • A story of yourself going through cancer.
  • A tribute, a thank-you, a story of encouragement, inspiration, hope, and healing.

This is an open, 100% anonymous collection of words, stories, shared memories, experiences and just expressions of dealing with cancer. We want to hear from you. Shout it out!


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