First Descents comes to kite & SUP day camp with Cascade Kiteboarding & Big Winds!

Happy people in the sun everywhere!! Is that a line from a cheesy song or a what happened at the Hood River Event Site on Monday, 6/28!

20+ campers and staff from First Descents camp for young adults with cancer came out to get kite instruction and some standup paddle sessions at the beautiful Hood River Waterfront with Cascade Kiteboarding!! Big Winds provided the SUP boards and instruction while Cascade Kiteboarding provided kites and instruction.

Kite camp started with getting campers suited up with harnesses, helmets, leashes, and kites with Cascade Kiteboarding. Heading out to the big open field south of the Hood River event site, kite campers got to setup, launch, land, and fly trainer kites for almost 4 hours!

Meanwhile, Big Winds brought out the standup paddle (SUP) boards and paddles for those who wanted to take a stab at balance and coordination paddling the SUP boards in the wind! Hurricane Mike from Big Winds gave instruction, while KB4C staff Jason Norwood, Steve Fisher, and Tonia Farman gave demonstrations on the water. Campers paddled, rolled, and drifted while attempting the big 12′ + boards!

A big shout out to Big Winds for contributing to SUP camp today and Cascade Kiteboarding for kite camp!! Thank you John Wayne Cancer Foundation for keeping our skin from burning!!


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