Back from scouting Maui as a Survivor Camp location and… I think this will work!

Garret and I were in Maui just after Labor Day — Garret was going through IKO Instructor Training Course with the great folks at Action Sports Maui and I was escaping to a much needed mini vacation after a very busy summer.

Those that know me well know that I can’t just sit by the beach and soak in the sun. I must be productive. Sooooo, it was very fitting that we are always looking for survivorship camp locations and it just so happens Maui has everything we are seeking in a venue!

So my mini vacation became a perfect time to scout the beautiful isle of Maui for our survivorship camps in 2011! Ok, ok, ok… I can’t say I didn’t hit the beach… I was all over the beach. Rolling in it really.  Conditions were perfect for me to get plenty of surf and kite time in. In fact, I was falling into a very solid and comfortable routine of SUPpin‘ the south shore at 7 in the morning, and kiting the north shore by noon.

Mmmm... just look at that yummy tropical water!

This nice little routine opened my eyes to the possibility of conducting the same routine in our survivor camps! The south shore of Maui can have very nice and friendly waves, some just rollers, knee to shoulder high, widely spread out and breaking beautifully. And sometimes it’s perfectly calm flatwater!  All perfect conditions for Standup Paddling!!

Standup paddling is such a zen watersport that so many people can take on at any level. You can start on your belly, your knees, one knee, your bum, both feet, whatever… then take it step by step as your comfortable. Starting in flatwater is the easiest, then maybe taking on a little chop to test and challenge your stability, and then…. waves!!

Standup Paddle 4 Cancer
Hey, wait, that's not Hawaii! SUPpin in the Columbia Gorge at SUP 4 Cancer.

Waves are so much fun to SUP in. Especially if waves are small and not enough to paddle into via traditional lay-down surfing, you can catch anything! This is why I am so excited to integrate SUPpin into our Survivor camps… everyone can do it at some level!

Ok, back to my new found routine…. By about 10 am when the wind starts picking up, and SUPpin’ gets a little shaky (why am I falling in all the time!)  it’s a great time to go have some breakfast and fresh tropical fruit smoothies!! Healthy, refreshing, and filling, this was my fuel staple the entire trip!

Maui Smoothies!!

A little downtime, then a 30 minute trip to Kahului (the north shore), the windy side of the island for kiteboarding! White sandy beaches, tropical water, and the wonderful staff at Action Sports Maui will be a huge plus for bringing kiteboarding lessons to our cancer survivors! What a great feeling to be fueled by the wind!

Kiteboarding at Kanaha
Yes, I know... more kiteboarding. But it's just so much fun!

I was lucky enough to get invited on a plane piloted by my good friend Chris, who is the man behind Oregon Screen Impressions. Not only does he deliver if you ever need promotional printed items, but he is a HUGE supporter of KB4C! [Ok, sidenote here: For the past two years, Chris personally hauls out his massive 60 foot bus (ok, maybe it’s just 40 feet) and sets up the merch booth at KB4C. OSI has donated an incredible amount of time, embroidery, design, and cool printed items that you should already have if you’ve been to a KB4C or SUP4C.]

So Chris takes me up in a little 4-seater plane (I was actually petrified at first) and we fly along the Hana Coast to the beautiful town of Hana. Maybe we’ll hit up Hana on one day of the survivorship camps too!

The Hana Highway from 1000 feet up

Haleakala Waterfall
A remote waterfall on the southeast slope of Maui's volcano, Haleakala

There are just so many amazing experiences on Maui for young adult cancer survivors and anyone really! Maybe it’s a combination of the sun, the water, the waves… There is a healing energy that flows through the island in everything you do, the plants you touch, the waves that break, and sand that oozes between your toes… that shouts of a magical experience to be had. Stay tuned for updates on Maui Survivorship Camps in 2011.

Interested in volunteering for one of our camps in 2011? We are actively seeking volunteers! Please fill out this volunteer form for more information! Thanks again for being a part of KB4C and SUP4C!

Mmmm pretty trees and flowers


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