We are all Athletes for Cancer – the Evolution of KB4C

A message from one of the founders, Tonia Farman…

… kiteboarders, surfers, paddlers, bikers, kayakers, runners, swimmers…  It doesn’t matter which tool we use or how our bodies move across the earth — We all do it with tenacity, determination, and passion to battle this disease.

As we charge ahead into 2011 and begin our own programs, the Kiteboarding 4 Cancer organization is evolving to reach more people and ultimately touch more lives. In keeping with our mission, but broadening our impact, the Kiteboarding 4 Cancer organization is changing its name to Athletes 4 Cancer.

Athletes 4 Cancer will continue to run our annual fundraising event in the summer that will include the Kiteboarding 4 CancerStandup Paddle 4 Cancer, and other action sports events under one event umbrella, all for our and other regional cancer programs that directly benefit lives affected by cancer.

Athletes 4 Cancer is kicking off our first year of programs with young adult survivorship camps, to be hosted in Hawaii, Oregon, and other locations soon TBA! These are why we do what we do!! Wanna volunteer or attend?

Athletes 4 Cancer will conduct and support events to help raise funds for our camp program as well as regional cancer programs that we love to support! Want to help? Email me.

As we transition into Athletes 4 Cancer, you’ll still see KB4C around. Bear with us — the name change doesn’t happen overnight. And keep in mind that KB4C the event is not going anywhere —Kiteboarding 4 Cancer will continue to run as the most impactful kiteboarding event in North America.

Thank you for your generous support in the past and I look forward to sharing great stories with you about the lives you’ve helped us touch!

All the best,

Tonia Farman
Garret Zallen
Gregg Gnecco
Athletes 4 Cancer (formerly Kiteboarding 4 Cancer)
KB4C.org soon to be Athletes4Cancer.org


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