What’s up for the Team Events – Kiteboarding, SUP events


Saturday, July 9th

  • Teams are made up of 4 kiters.
  • The Team Endurance Race goes on during the main Kite Derby Endurance Race. It is not a separate race.
  • Team riders share one (1) jersey and hand off the jersey to the next team member as the baton.
  • The first team rider starts the Kite Derby Endurance Race and kites as many laps as they can/want or as planned as part of the team. Team rider 1 comes in, lands their kite, hands off their jersey to the second team rider, and team rider 2 launches and repeats the cycle.
  • All 4 team riders must complete at least one (1) lap each.
  • The final lap number per team is tallied from the total combined laps of all four (4) team riders.


  • Team, most combined Laps
  • Best Dressed Team: Same as above but with costumes!!!

RELAY-ON-THE-GREEN Kite Team Relay Race
Sunday, July 10

This fun Team race is a completely separate and different team event from the Kite Derby Team Relay Race on Saturday. This will be the spectator event to watch of the weekend! Starting at the Hood River Event Site, teams will complete the relay instructions set by the Race Director the day of the event. We are keeping Relay-on-the-Green race details secret until the day of the event! Definitely a site to watch!! Here are the requirements for the Relay Race:

Relay-on-the-Green Requirements and preparation for Teams:

  • Each team rider must have access to/use their own kite & bar with a bag and standard hand pump.
  • Twin tip boards only! No directional or race boards!
  • Must be comfortable running and possibly crawling on all fours.


  • Team : Made up of 4 kiters, including 1 woman rider.
  • Best-dressed Team : Same as above, but with the best costume!!

Complete Kiteboarding 4 Cancer event details >


Saturday, July 9th

Teams will consists of 4 racers each, racing 6 laps around a short course out from the Waterfront Park, back in to the beach, and around a short obstacle course on land. This event is sure to be the crowd pleaser of the weekend and will get everyone’s heart pumping!


  • Top Finisher Team
  • Best Dressed Team

The Course: The course will be a 4 buoy course, approximately 1 mile long each lap, taking place right out in front of the Waterfront Park.

Complete SUP 4 Cancer event details >

Register for all events on Athletes4Cancer.org >


One thought on “What’s up for the Team Events – Kiteboarding, SUP events”

  1. A4C (or KB4C) is the ultimate event for any kite fan. To see 100 kites on the Columbia at once, all for a Great cause.

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