Voices from camp – how did A4C camp change your life?

Our survivors left Camp1 in Maui reflecting on a week of surfing, paddling, and taking on some challenges with their peers that they faced on and off the water. Facing the ocean was at times similar to facing their cancers. Here is what campers had to say after camp…

“Camp was the experience I needed after cancer. It was a way to be on even levels with people that share the same struggles/experience in life and be able to just have fun and not be the outcast in certain situations. ” ~ Lakeshow

“You and the leadership team asked us what this trip meant to us, how it had affected us, and what we were taking away from it.   My answer was true and from the heart, I had a blast, I learned so much and over came some serious frustration of stand up paddling.   Looking back now, I can see how much more Maui meant to me.   There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about the people, the events, and the experience of it all.  When I come face-to-face with an obstacles at work, or in life, I feel I reflect back on my experience with cancer and my experience in Maui.  The tenacity and follow through that myself and the entire group showed in Maui gets me through those obstacles at work and in life.   Having Cancer has forever changed my life, at times, I feel very alone, as there are few people in my life whom know what it felt like, and how it still affects me.    What you have put together, “Athletes For Cancer” and the absolutely unforgettable trip to Hawaii, has given me an amazing group of friends.   A group that knows what it feels like to have gone through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. There was an unspoken bond, even when nothing is said, everyone knows the experiences and situations.    Ive spent more time with these people then any organization or event I have ever done in relation to cancer awareness.  ” ~ Pazooki

“I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing week. The opportunity of a lifetime that completely transformed my outlook.”

“Finally I owe you and the rest of the team a HUGE thank you! [Another survivor friend] came to pick me up at the airport and we had a great talk about how camp was a life changing experience.  We both agreed while other camps have played a role in our lives last week’s camp has inspired both of us to travel more, try new different things, and overall do more things for ourselves because life is too short.  We agreed the camp was great at challenging people and taking everyone out of their comfort zone so they could grow and gain confidence.” ~ Bologna

“I had my second interview today for a job and sitting there it hit me how much Athletes for Cancer and the Maui camp changed my life. I was able to tell them about the amazing experience and how excited I was to be able to help people as well.  I MISS PADDLEBOARDING LIKE NO OTHER!!!!!!” ~ Seafoam



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