The gift of getting the SOUL, LIFE back after cancer…. Priceless.

There’s so much STUFF you could get someone for the holidays. ipods, chia pets, scarves, Wiis, socks and… well, more crap that takes up space.  What if you gave someone the opportunity, after battling cancer, to rebuild their confidence, their identity and their life? What if that experience changed their life? Then inspired others to do the same?

We’re shouting out the impact of our survivorship program to the world. We’re done being modest.  Athletes for Cancer is aiming to raise $50 K by January 1 for our Young Adult Surviviorship Programs and we need your help. If you would like to go ahead and donate, do so here.  Or, read on more about the Program…

Learning to surf is just one component to getting over cancer

About the A4C Survivorship Camp Program

Athletes for Cancer creates life-changing experiences for young adult cancer fighters and survivors through outdoor adventure programs that challenge, support, and inspire individuals to rebuild their lives after cancer.

The standup paddling downwinder during Athletes for Cancer

The A4C Survivorship Program brings survivors together in a safe, active setting for facing and embracing challenges, and connecting with other survivors while finding a common ground on the path to rebuilding life after cancer. Our current camps take place in Maui, Hawaii, integrating the rich ocean culture and adventures of surfing, standup paddling, and outrigger canoeing as channels toward life renewal.

Athletes for Cancer show their Surf & SUP style in Maui.

The myth of Survivorship

Most often, being a “cancer survivor” as a young adult implies that the survivor should be grateful for being alive, and to “get on with life.” In actuality, surviving cancer comes with some serious challenges — post-treatment side effects, disability, insurance battles, family and relationship challenges, financial struggles, body issues, sex and fertility barriers, career struggles, confidence and identity loss and more. Here is a great article from the Mayo Clinic on these challenges specific to young adults.  Often the struggles of life post-cancer are more difficult than the disease itself, yet survivorship is not something that is commonly “treated”.  Not many people recognize this.
The medical community is starting to recognize that the needs of the patient as a whole must be addressed — not just the body, but the mind, heart and the soul as well.  We recognize this, aiming to help fighters and survivors fuel the MIND, energize the HEART, and renew the SOUL so they can embrace living while inspiring other survivors to do the same.
Learning to SUP
Medical advances in cancer =  More people SURVIVING cancer!
People are surviving cancer now more than ever. However, the support and resources out there for survivors are limited and inadequate for young adults. Young adults are of an active generation that seek out alternatives to the traditional closed-room support group. Often, they turn down traditional support services completely, assuming they can handle post-cancer challenges on their own.  Athletes for Cancer provides an alternative support experience for young adults with cancer, utilizing outdoor adventures as an organic, yet therapeutic journey to healing and life renewal.
Surfing and supporting each other on and off the water.

Help us sustain and expand the impact of this program.

How you can contribute and be an agent of impact

  1. Give the gift of a donation (and the opportunity to help rebuild a life) in someone’s name. >
  2. Give the gift of an Athletes for Cancer Membership. Give a minimum donation of $250 to become an Athletes for Cancer Member. Recipient receives a shirt, sticker, invitations to special events and opportunities to be more involved.
  3. Refer a survivor you know to our program >
  4. Like our Facebook page (this is minor, but always helps get the word out!) >

If you would like to make an impact on this program, we ask that you DONATE now.  If you would like to volunteer for one of our camps or events, apply here. Our volunteers are the meat of what we do! You’ll be contributing to an incredible program and it does feed the soul a bit too. 😉

Making bonds with other cancer survivors, kicking cancer ass, taking names.

Kimokeo teaches us about the Hawaiian Fish Ponds, and many other lessons.

If you want to learn even more about the program, go to our website. You can also apply here.  Or, see how far your dollar goes when giving the gift of impact to someone:

  • Sponsor one full camp: $25,000
  • Sponsor one day of camp for all survivors: $3500
  • Sponsor one survivor to attend camp: $2000
  • Sponsor airfare for one survivor: $500-1000
  • Sponsor one day of camp for a survivor: $270
  • Sponsor 4-hours of adventure instruction, a key component in the program: $125
  • Sponsor a one day surfboard rental: $30
Every dollar matters. Thank you for your support!

Photos by Tracy Kraft Leboe


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