How many gifts can I give on my birthday?

I will personally donate to anyone who creates a new fundraising page for one of our fundraising events: Kiteboarding 4 Cancer, The Carolina Cup, Paddle 4 Cancer, or The Birthday Wishand receives a donation on that page tomorrow, February 17th.  Here’s my page, for example.

Be THE TOP FUNDRAISER by Midnight tomorrow, February 17th, and you will win something very cool. I don’t know what it is yet, but it will be worth the effort. I promise it won’t be a keychain.

Flipping the tradition.

I started this tradition a few years ago of giving to other people on my birthday. I took it a step further and made a gift to one of my favorite causes. I highly recommend doing both of these on your birthday. It is fun to give and makes people happy. Try it. You’ll see.

The Birthday Wish. 

Why not get others to do good on their birthday? Athletes for Cancer has created a giving campaign where you recruit friends to give something meaningful and full of impact to you for your birthday, while giving the GIFT of LIFE to those battling and rebuilding lives after cancer.  It’s a multi-benefit gesture that’s a win-win for EVERYONE. Prizes will be awarded each month for the top birthday fundraisers!

Watch something. 

Have no idea why we’re fundraising? Here’s why. It’s the best way for me to communicate the impact of our program. Thank you to Soul Surf Media for the dedication and heart that went into this and to all of you for your support in rebuilding lives after cancer.


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