Team Duke Camp 3 – Touched by Kimokeo, the Ocean, and a Waterfall

Sometimes words just cannot describe experience. This is one of those camps. 12 survivors from across the country came to Maui with thoughts of surfing and standup paddling. What they left with was new friends, a sense of self, inspiration, confidence, and life-renewal. A huge thanks to Team Duke and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation for generously helping make this camp happen. They are true supporters of healing and fighting cancer through a healthy, outdoor lifestyle.

I am starting to write less and less in these reports, leaving the imagery to tell the stories. I hope everyone is ok with that. The images are telling. Each experience at camp is unique and I cannot go into individual accounts. Everyone thrived.

Ok, I’ll just finish my report from camp with a quote from one of our survivors, “I went to camp thinking I would take some surfing lessons, hang out on the beach, and meet some cool people. I had no idea this camp would change me so completely.”

Chris Aguilar from Soul Surf Media produced a beautiful piece for Athletes for Cancer from Camp 2. This gives you an idea of what camp is about.


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