Boards of Hope Project… Heals & Renews Life

Boards of Hope began from the hospital bed of 19-year old Scott Farman, fighting for his life with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Athletes for Cancer invites fighters, survivors, those touched by cancer, and artists of all mediums to submit entries for our Boards of Hope summer board art exhibit and fundraising event in Hood River to benefit cancer advocacy, prevention, and survivorship programs.

What is Boards of Hope?

Boards of Hope began when Athletes for Cancer’s founder, Tonia Farman, brought art supplies, recycled papers, wood, and mixed media to her brother, Scott’s, bedside at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. He was undergoing a long battle with leukemia and found a sense of calm and purpose in art. His organs and body were weak, but his soul poured out with life in his artwork. Mixed media and collage became his channel of expression, therapy and healing, even though his days were numbered. His works became an inspiration for Boards of Hope.

Boards of Hope can be interpreted many ways — it can be a theme of healing, struggle, and pain, but also of living, love, and celebration. Scott was a snowboarder and avid outdoorsman. The “board” component is meant to be anything we “ride” because that’s life — The ride of life is the journey that defines us. Boards of Hope can be all types of boards – Surfboard, snowboard, skimboard, skateboard, kiteboard, longboards, and paddleboards.

The Boards of Hope Exhibit & Auction

There are two channels of participation in Boards of Hope:

Featured Artists: Interested in pre-event publicity? Submit a link to your portfolio or 3 jpegs of current work for review. If selected as a feature artist, you and your board will be featured in advance of the event in event publicity and as feature artists at our VIP Party and Auction on July 14th. Submit your board by July 1. Check art specs below.

All Artists: Submit your board by July 1. Check art specs below. Please submit questions and submissions to Tonia (at)

The Boards of Hope exhibit will be on display at Kiteboarding 4 Cancer July 13 & 14th. The main exhibit and auction will take place July 14th at the Kiteboarding 4 Cancer Boards of Hope tent at the Hood River Event Site, with the live auction at 6:00 pm.

Art Specifications: 

  • Artists must notify Kristyn (at) by June 23 that they are submitting a board.
  • Artists must find/recycle their own boards.
  • Finished piece must be sealed with a protective & archival sealant.
  • Boards are not intended to be ridden after artwork.
  • Artists can submit as many boards as they like.
  • Artists are encouraged to use acrylics, acrylic paint pens, sharpies and collage mediums.
  • A jpeg photo of the final work must be emailed to kristyn (at) prior to board delivery.
  • Artists must complete the Boards of Hope board submission form here.
  • Works must be completed & delivered to the A4C office or arranged for pickup in Portland.
  • All submissions are donations to A4C and will be auctioned off at the Kiteboarding 4 Cancer VIP Party on July 14th, 2012.
  • There are no submission fees to enter.
  • Email kristyn (at) with questions


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