Important Info for Athletes in Kiteboarding 4 Cancer

Planning to participate in the 6th Annual Kiteboard 4 Cancer this weekend? Awesome! Here is what you need to know! It is going to be WINDY!!! Prepare to have small kites!!

For safety, we are capping athlete participation at 175. As of today at 8:00 am, there were 60 spots open for individual athletes. There are two ways to sign up as an Athlete:
Buy a ticket here OR Fundraise for entry here.

Ticketed Registration: $75 per individual or $300 per team
Fundraise for Entry: $500 minimum raised per individual. If you don’t meet the $500 minimum, you can simply pay the $75 for a ticket or the difference to get to $500.

  • Fundraise for ENTRY deadline is Friday at noon.
  • Fundraise for PRIZES deadline is Sunday at 2 pm.

Athlete Check-in Info

  • Check-in times are Friday from 3-6 pm and Saturday from 7:30-9:00 am.
  • All riders (teams & individuals) must check-in before participating to receive a race jersey, athlete bag, and wristband for the event.
  • TEAMS: Teams must check-in with all team members present and let staff know which TEAM event they are competing in as a team: The Kite Derby OR the Sunday Relay Race.

Registered Athletes – Benefits, Resources & Cool things you’ll want to know
All registered athletes (see above on how to register) receive a wrist bracelet which gives them access to the Athlete Lounge on Saturday. No access to the Athlete Lounge without a registered athlete wristband.

  • All Day Fuel:  There is all sorts of fuel for the endurance race available ALL DAY including fruit, cookies, fruit bars, energy drinks, coconut water, regular water, and more.
  • Lunch: There will be 2 Lunch times to feed all athletes whether you choose to be on the water for 2 hours or the full 6 hours. Athletes get ONE full plate lunch from ONE of the lunch times.
    Lunch #1: Noon-2pm
    Lunch #2: 4:00-6:00 pm
  • Massage therapy & Physical therapy available all day. Sign up on the sign-up sheets at the Athlete Lounge.
  • Foosball: Yes, you heard it right. You are responsible for your own tournaments, accidents, and injuries here!

The Kite Derby – PLEASE READ!

The 2012 Kite Derby course was designed to level the competitor field and allow equal advantage to all board types — race boards, surfboards, and twin tips. The top finishers will win for their endurance, patience, and strategy over board selection.

  • The  course will be open after noon on Friday for run-throughs. We highly recommend doing a run-through on this course!
  • No board leashes. All riders must wear a kite leash with a quick-release safety.
  • The course is shorter than ever before. All 4 buoys are on the Oregon side of the barge channel.
  • Although the start of the race is very exciting, keep in mind that this race is NEVER won at the start. Please be safe and respect kite space and others’ safety around you. We don’t want any tangles at the start. If you tangle and cannot safely recover within 5 minutes, you and your gear will be pulled from the course by the Safety Crew and taken back to the event site to re-rig.
  • Launch & Land procedure at the Hood River Event Site:
    > Rider stands about waist-deep in the water, launcher stands on the bank with the kite.
    > When launcher launches the kite, rider must steer kite fairly quickly (and in control) to the left side (water side) of the window, then body-drag out with their board.
    > NO Board starts from the beach. All riders must body-drag out at least 10 yards with their board.
  • Kite Tangles & Rescue Procedure:
    > If there are any kite tangles or rescues required at any time during the Kite Derby, riders will be picked up and have all gear de-rigged and brought back to the event site. A Safety Crew on a Cascade Kiteboarding Jet Ski will grab and deflate the kite, detach the lines, and instruct you to roll up the lines on your bar. Once your lines are secure on your bar, you will raise your bar in the air, signaling to Safety that it’s ok to come grab you.
Boards of Hope & Silent Auction: This stuff is AMAZING. Check it all out here.
Raffle to the Yucatan, Bali, & Italy: Friday’s Raffle goes to the Yucatan. Details here.
Saturday’s Raffle is winner’s choice of Bali or Italy. Details here.

KB4C Friday Schedule:

Noon-6 pm: Kite Derby Course OPEN for run-throughs
3-6 pm Athlete Check-in
5-7 pm Athlete & Volunteer Dinner: Free to Registered athletes & registered volunteers, hosted by Apple Valley BBQ & Country Store, you’ll be treated to pulled pork plates and local berry pies! An annual feast you won’t want to miss. $10 to the public
5-7 pm Yucatan Raffle! We’re selling a limited 50 raffle tickets at $100 each for a week stay in the Yucatan for you and three of your friends.
9 pm KB4C Kickoff Party @ The Horse & Hound Pub: Fire dancers, hula hooping, and bubbles.  The Bolstad Family Circus brings their incredible talents to Hood River again with their Fire Dancing show. They also happen to be very talented on the water as well, with at least three of the Bolstads predicted to finish in the top 5 of the Kite Derby on Saturday. The bubbles are new, so we’ll see what comes of that. Limelight photobooth and a gazillion other photographers will be at the party to take pics of whatever goes down. This is a fun party!

KB4C Saturday Schedule:

7:30-9 am Athlete Check-in
There will be 100 tickets available only for $50 each to win a 1-week stay in Bali. Buy your tickets at registration early.
8:30-9:30 am Kite setup & rigging
9:50 -10:20 am: Kites launch to get into start position
Noon-2 pm: Athlete Lunch Shift #1
Noon-1:30 pm: Live Music by Subterranean Howl
2:30-4:00 pm: Live Music by Mosley Wotta
4:30-6:00 pm: Athlete Lunch Shift #2
6:00 pm: Silent Auction closes
6:00 pm: Boards of Hope & Live Auction
7:00 pm: Kite Derby Awards 

KB4C Sunday Schedule:

10:00-11:30 am: Relay Race Team Check-in & Registration
12 Noon: Relay-on-the-Green Relay Race Rider’s Meeting
12:30 pm: Relay-on-the-Green Relay Race Scheduled Start
2:00 pm: ATHLETE FUNDRAISING Deadline!
2:30 pm: Team Relay Awards
4:00 pm: Fundraising & KB4C Awards

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