2012 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer Results, Photos & Video!

The 6th Annual Kiteboarding 4 Cancer comes to a close and we raised over $97,262  $110,122 $112,122! Here’s results, photos, and other interesting anecdotes from the weekend! Thank you to all the athletes, volunteers, sponsors, artists, donors, visitors and participants who helped make this event a HUGE success!!

Event Committees.

  • Event Director: Tonia Farman
  • Logistics & Athlete Tent: Alina Aaron
  • Boards of Hope & Auctions: Kristyn Fix, Machelle Dotson
  • Registration & Athletes: Terese Roeseler, Katie Rae
  • Race Committee: Gregg Gnecco, Kevin Murray, Jane Sebastian
  • Volunteer Coordination: Natalie Cox
  • Setup & Construction: Kip Wylie
  • Super Volunteers: Garret Zallen, John Price, Dave Aiken, Brian Wolff, Elaina Cernera, Olivia Halfen, Kimberly Fink, Ken Lucas, Carol Birdsell and family, The Fitzpatrick family, Norman Arkoff, Heidi Roberts, Ryan Shulz, Rayna Morton, Grant Roesler, Patricia Cooper, Pete & Molly Anderson (the “Mother of Kiteboarding”), Cris Rettler, Julie Spinuzzi & family, Sophia DeWolfe, Shanda Pickhardt, Alexis Vaughan, Elizabeth Goodrich, Shannon Rodine, the entire crew from Oncology Youth Connection!!
  • Photographers: Richard Hallman, Jennifer Gulizia, Enrique Abreu

Interesting Stats.

  • Amount raised at event: $97,262 $110,122 & still counting!!
  • Total number of Laps: 1414
  • $ average raised per lap based on total $ raised: $68
  • Average # of Laps per person: 10.1
  • # of Individuals: 70
  • # of Teams: 17 (4 riders per team)
  • Total athletes: 148
  • States represented: 15
  • Countries represented: 7
  • Athlete funds raised online: $65,921 $66,292 (still counting)
  • Funds raised before the event began on Friday: $64,000
  • # of marriage proposals: 2
  • Average kite size for Kite Derby: 10 meter
  • Cancer survivors (that we know of): 26
  • Number of families kiting or volunteering as a family: 8
  • Number of beers sold: 687

Start #1 Video:


  1. Grom 45
  2. Jan Boersma 38
  3. Scott Edgar 32
  4. Phillip Schonger 32
  5. Nick Ward 31
  6. Jason Norwood 30
  7. Derek Fromm 30
  8. Cory Roeseler 29
  9. Robert Redman 28
  10. Tony Bolstad 27
  11. Allan Beeler 27
  12. Rachel Callahan 26
  13. Chali Zna 25
  14. Ben McFarlane 25
  15. Jeff Castleberry 25
  16. Carol Bolstad 23
  17. Kip Wylie 22
  18. Jim Erjavec 21
  19. Jason Jorgenson 20
  20. Dominique Granger 20
  21. Trey Roeseler 19
  22. Eric Reime 19
  23. Jadie DeLille 18
  24. Toby Winston 17
  25. Moshe Zilberstein 16
  26. Francis Cronin
  27. Travis Ronk 12
  28. Nicholas Cooper 12
  29. Nate Regan 11
  30. Sean Bold 11
  31. Barry Paul 11
  32. Ryan Lorence 11
  33. KC Nash 11
  34. Jose Gruary 10
  35. Laura Chung 10
  36. Steve Boyle 10
  37. M. Thompson 9
  38. Vicki Roberts 9
  39. Jim Buttrick 9
  40. Steve Fisher 9
  41. Karleen Swarztraka 8
  42. Elliot Zna 8
  43. Bill Dayne 7
  44. Scott Henderson 6
  45. Brian Campagna 6
  46. James Johnson 5
  47. Matt Dawson 5
  48. Margy Johnson 5
  49. Dave Larkman 4
  50. Laura Maher 4
  51. Chris Taylor 3
  52. Scott Fitzpatrick 3
  53. Caroline Heckathorn 3
  54. John Carroll 3
  55. Claire Snelling 3
  56. Matt Doces 3
  57. Patrick Floewin 2
  58. Darcie Grey 2
  59. Mike Billetts 2
  60. Ryan Curtright 1
  61. Brad Wolverton 1
  62. Mark Zugsmith
  63. Patricia Langmaid
  64. Bob Denier
  65. Charles Langmaid
  66. Monica Bassett
  67. Jenna Edginton
  68. Chris Miller
  69. Woody Spurgeon
  70. Pepi Gerald
  1. Rachel Callahan – 26
  2. Carol Bolstad – 23
  3. Dominique Granger – 20


  1. Blade 37
    Marlys Holmes, Andy Holmes, Patrick Harber, Mike Shaw
  2. Exotikite 35
    Ian Sanders, Taylor Meehan, Mac Skaggs, Ben Skaggs
  3. Liquid Force 35
    Colleen Carroll, Craig Cunningham, Brandon Scheid, Dave Grove
  4. Cabrinha Cruisers 34
    Cameron Rogers, Reo Stevens, Aspen McKenna, Ian McKenna
  5. Nooby Rash’s Riders 34
    Nick Stuart, Sam Light, Ashlee Bridgewater, Mike Duhaime
  6. Team North 33
    Dan Schwarz, Brian Schwarz, Luke Hill, Devin Carroll
  7. Cabrinha Cruisers Team 2- 32
    Randy Orzeck, Kirsten Ulmer, Jeff Paul, Matt Elsasser
  8. Team Tequila 30
    Tony Colburn, Ryan Schenk, Carl Davison, Jim Schenk
  9. Wind Breakers/Patagonia 28
    Jason Slezak, Jason McCaffrey, Fletcher Chouinard, Chris Lazinski
  10. Team Best 26
    Tom van Veen, Ben van Veen, Dominick van Veen, Chris Bobryk
  11. HRV Kite Club 23
    Levi Roeseler, Nick Cooper, Cory Roeseler
  12. Team Native 23
    Justin Wiley, Felix Granapos, Ryan Huggins, Lance Koudele
  13. Team Mojo 22
    Lance Larivee, Greg Lawler, Carl Blakeslee, Ben Jacobson,
  14. SPI Salty Pirates 19
    Nicole Corbett, Brett Newcomb, Jim Brown, Christian Zapian
  15. Ack Attack 18
    Peter Ackerman, Henry Ackerman, William Ackerman, Lucy Ackerman
  16. Last but not least 11
    David Maccabee
  17. Team CHAP 2
    Brian Currier, Mike Finer, Brian Greenleaf, Tony Baton

Top Fundraisers:

  1. Steve Fisher $5905
  2. Matheo Vincent $5726
  3. Jason Jorgenson $3050
  4. Marvin Wayne $2950
  5. Lance Larivee $2475
  6. Carl Blakeslee $2355
  7. Tom van Veen $2286
  8. Scott Fitzpatrick $2020
  9. Greg Lawler $1935
  10. Brian Schwarz $1771

Top Fundraising Teams:

  1. Team Mojo $7335
  2. Team Sparks $6505
  3. Team North $5517
  4. Team Liquid Force $4456
  5. Team Best $3241
Interesting Athlete Facts & Quotes:
  • “My kryptonite is my big clumsy hands.” ~ Brian Schwarz, Team North
  • “I’m from New Zealand, so I have a sheep tattoo.” ~ Luke Hill
  • Matt Elsasser was dropped down a flight of stairs when he was 4 years old.
  • “I have 2 webbed toes.” ~ Ashlee Bridgewater, Team Naish
  • Mike Duhaime has his pilot license but never flies.
  • Henry Ackerman competed with his brothers and Dad
  • Kari Swarztrauber kited for her Dad who died of cancer 1 year ago. “He was my hero.”
  • Aspen McKenna, mother of a 3-year old, says her first kite lesson was on her honeymoon 7 years ago in South Africa.
  • Professional kiteboarder Reo Stevens: “This is my first time back in Hood River in 12 years, and the frist place to leave Hawaii for.”
  • “I’m somewhat accident-prone.” ~ Ben van Veen
  • “I can’t keep up with my 12-year old son…” ~ Tom van Veen
  • Patagonia / FCD Surfboard shaper Fletcher Chouinard on how he started shaping boards… “to become a better surfer.”
  • Jason Slezak, 34-years old, and has broken more bones than years of his life.
  • “I have 3 kids all under the age of 5 and still manage to kite. ” ~ Mindy
  • “I am deathly afraid of mayonnaise.” ~ Sam Light, Naish Team rider
  • “If I was a fruit, I would probably be a banana.” ~ Dave Grove
  • “My left foot is bigger than my right cuz it’s closer to my heart.” ~ Devin Carroll
  • “After watching this event for 5 years, I am overwhelmed at participating for the first time. I also had my first kite tangle today!” ~ Chris Taylor
  • “I made out with Paula Abdul before she was crazy.” ~ Carl Blakeslee
  • “The best part of the event is riding with my friends and not having to be a pro. I even rode in my pink tutu!” ~ Cameron Rogers
  • “I once traveled from Prague to Vienna without my passport by sneaking past officials. ” ~ Lance Larivee
  • “Quit drinking 3 1/2 months ago, and I am done drinking forever.” ~ Richard Hallman
  • “I have no sense of smell.” ~ Levi Roeseler
  • Chris Lazinski is riding for his aunt who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Last year he rode for his cousin who died of cancer.
  • “I’m a squash National Champion.”~ Brian Greenleaf
  • “I really like the 3-spike fork (Trident)! I’m riding for my sister who is just finishing treatment.” ~ Dominique Granger
  • “Was a pro windsurfer for 1 year.” ~ Vicki Roberts
  • “I’ve kited every year of KB4C.” ~ Tony Colburn
  • “Out from Montana for this event. My whole family has been affected by cancer.” ~ Mike Thompson
Thank you to our sponsors who provided the following….
Patagonia, Slingshot, Cabrinha, Naish, North, Airush, Providence Hood River, Full Sail Brewing, and Native Eyewear: Our cash sponsors, who, with their help, allowed us to put on this event. We still have to pay rental expenses to the Port of Hood River, the rental companies, the security company, and others to put on this event. Cash sponsors help offset these costs. A huge thank you to these sponsors!!
Native Eyewear: Polarized eyewear for our announcers, the silent auction and the top 50 fundraisers!!!
Full Sail Brewing: 12 kegs for KB4C to raise money with, silent auction gift coolers, Sessions and $100 gift certificates for top Kite Derby finishing Teams!!
Dakine: SX Travel bags, EQ Bags, Messenger bags, accessory bags for top fundraisers!!
Oregon Scientific: ATC Action HD Video Cameras & $20 off coupon for top 25 fundraisers!!
Liquid Force Kites: 2-Kite Quiver of 2013 Envys to one of the top fundraisers!
Slingshot: 2013 Kiteboard for a top fundraiser & silent auction items!
Providence Hood River: Water & Fruit, First Aid Supplies!
Solosports: One all-expense paid vacation in San Carlos Solosports-style for the top Kite Derby winner!!
Vela Kitesurf: 6-night Vacation in one of Vela’s Caribbean kiteboarding locations for a top fundraiser!
Kinesys Suncare: Sunscreen spray for our athletes!!
Palapas Ventana: 5-night Baja Vacation in La Ventana at Palapas Ventana for the silent auction!
Lumeria Maui: 3 nights at Lumeria Maui Ecoventure Retreat in Maui for the silent auction!
Flow Hood River & Day Spa: 50 free class certificates to top 50 fundraisers, a 1-week and 6 month membership for the silent auction!
Cascade Kiteboarding: 3-package of kiteboarding lessons for the silent auction and on-water rescue service during KB4C!
2nd Wind Sports: Athletes for Cancer/2nd Wind Sports Camelbak water bottles
Apple Valley BBQ: Athlete & Volunteer Dinner on Friday night and pies galore for Kite Derby winners!!
Gorge Delights: Fruit bars for all of our athletes!!
Columbia Gorge Organic: Juices and bars for our athletes!!
ZICO Coconut Water: Coconut water for our athletes!
Our massage therapists…
Julie Thames, Hamid Shibata Bennett, Colette Chavez Walker
And our physical therapists…
Heidi Roberts from Motion Therapy and Ryan Shulz from Active Edge PT

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