A4C receives Mass Effect Award for Services, Outcomes, & Collaboration

We are ecstatic here in the A4C office this week! Just having returned from Atlanta for Livestrong’s Critical Mass Young Adult Cancer Alliance Conference, we are rejuvenated and inspired by the work being done in the adolescent and young adult cancer community. But before we jump in head-first to all the work that lies ahead, we are briefly soaking in the recognition of an epic award that A4C received at the conference.

Athletes for Cancer received the Mass Effect Award at the conference, awarded “For providing services and outcomes to adolescents and young adults with cancer by increasing survival rates and quality of life through collaborations between cancer researchers, healthcare providers, and advocates.” Yeah! How awesome is that?

Collaboration is so integral to the success of our programs, and we are thrilled that its importance and the outcomes from it were recognized in this arena!

Thank you Critical Mass and our partners in the healthcare community…

  • John Wayne Cancer Foundation
  • OHSU AYA Oncology – Brandon Hayes-Lattin, Mindy Buchanan, Rebecca Block, Susan Lindemulder
  • Oncology Youth Connection – Grant Roesler & Volunteers
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital & AYA Program – Leah Kroon, John Blalock, Becky Johnson
  • SAMFund – Sam & Amelia
  • mAss Kickers Foundation
  • Other partners… MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Hoag Memorial Hospital


A4C Executive Director Tonia Farman after receiving the Mass Effect award, with Stupid Cancer CEO Matthew Zachary at the Critical Mass Young Adult Alliance Conference

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