Hiring — I mean fundraising? — for a Program Director

We need to hire a Program Director.

I have been developing, planning, and executing our programs to date, but it’s too much of its own position for me to do myself anymore. This is a beautiful point in our journey at A4C that I can say this with such confidence. Even a year ago, I hesitated with this statement. Now I am literally shouting it out at every opportunity with enthusiasm. In fact, let me change that statement…  WE ARE HIRING A PROGRAM DIRECTOR!

The Challenge

There’s one BIG challenge when creating a paid position in a non-profit and finding a way to pay for it. No one wants to donate to pay for a salary. It’s not sexy.  Here’s why it is sexy….

None of the ground-breaking, life-changing, world-improving work would happen without people to make it happen. This position in particular is so vital to life for many cancer survivors. Without it, we will be turning many applicants away and thus shutting the door on finding life after this crappy disease. With it, we’ll be creating life-transforming opportunities for teens and young adults to find life and direction after cancer.  This is how. (If you need any heart-tugging at all, click on that link.) And, your contributions are tax-deductible.

$120,000 by December 31, 2012

We are always fully transparent about raising funds and where they go. That said, the goal of our upcoming end-of-year campaign is to raise the capital for this position’s salary. We want it to be sustainable and long-term, so we’re setting our goal for 3 years worth of salary.

If you can appreciate the importance of building solid infrastructure for a sustainable future and hiring good people to make the great work happen, please consider donating to this campaign.

Advise over dollars

Are you a leader in marketing, communications, finance, business development, or programs and have a little time to be an advisor to Athletes for Cancer? We are seeking board members and advisors. Invest a little time in helping us develop, strengthen, and sustain our program, and it just might change your life too.  Please email me if you are interested at the email below.

Read all about it

If you would like more information on our programs, you can read about them on our website or please email me at Tonia (at) athletes4cancer.org.

And if you know of someone who might be an extraordinary candidate for this position who would like to live and work in Pacific Northwest paradise, you can forward them to me as well!


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