A photo journal from three talented photographers, visually communicating the magic of CONNECTION during our spring survivorship camps

I was putting off writing about our spring survivorship camps because no words can really describe what happens. Photos do. So, here is our photo journal from Camps 6, 7, and 8 and the amazing photographers who donated their time to cisually communicate the magic that happens at camp.

Camp 6 — Photographer:  Tracy Kraft Leboe

KORU_3_AO0W3492_TKraftLeboe_ KORU_TKraftLeboe_AO0W3047KORU_TKraftLeboe_AO0W3089 KORU_3_IMG_2684_TKraftLeboe_  KORU_TKraftLeboe_AO0W3269KORU_IMG_2198_TKraftLeboeKORU_IMG_2546_TKraftLeboe KORU_IMG_2584_TKraftLeboe KORU_TKraftLeboe_AO0W2901KORU_TKraftLeboe_AO0W3234 KORU_3_AO0W3673_TKraftLeboe_ KORU_IMG_2240_TKraftLeboeKORU_IMG_2392_TKraftLeboe

Camp 7 — Photographer: Tamar Melen

korufinals-6775 korufinals-6779 korufinals-6926 korufinals-4944 korufinals-4344 korufinals-4246 korufinals-4181 korufinals-5780 korufinals-5683 korufinals-8234 korufinals-5772 korufinals-4667 korufinals-4025

Camp 8 — Photographer: Richard Hallman

IMG_5543 HALLMAN6959 HALLMAN6890 IMG_9236 IMG_5569 HALLMAN7381 IMG_9260 HALLMAN7091 HALLMAN7243 IMG_9268 HALLMAN7509HALLMAN7622big-group-HALLMAN6797-2


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