Amazing chefs (well, individuals, really) wanted for Camp Koru

You are an amazing chef who believes in whole and healthy eating as a way of life not just a trend. You know your way around gluten-free or vegan just as much as you do a fresh wild salmon or grass-fed beef from one of our local farm partners. You love food and cooking and want to share the healing properties of food with others. We want you!

Athletes 4 Cancer is seeking chefs for our week-long cancer survivorship camps – Camp Koru. Cancer survivors come to Camp Koru as a transition after treatment.  They want to find direction, self-love, and gain confidence to move forward beyond their cancer. Survival has been their focus. Now it’s time to thrive. You can learn more about Camp Koru here.

Eating well and focusing on an active healthy lifestyle is one of our goals at camp. Our camp chef plays an integral role to help achieve this goal.  We provide a healthy, realistic camp food budget because we believe in serving only the highest quality ingredients, organic, and locally-sourced if possible.  Our chefs volunteer to contribute their talents 3 meals a day for our 7 days camps.

Our head camp chef, Ahi, has set a high standard for what it takes to cook at Camp Koru. It takes not only a great chef to volunteer at Camp Koru, but a selfless individual with great character. Here are our qualifications in a Camp Koru chef:

  • must have diverse skills with food: must know gluten-free and vegan options as much as fish, pork, beef, and chicken – and without judgement.
  • must be comfortable with menu planning and utilizing multiple food resources
  • must be able to comfortably prepare and serve 3 meals a day for 7 days, for 20-24 people. No, that is not a typo.
  • must be able to work solo well and communicate need for assistance when necessary
  • must be comfortable delegating responsibility with an assistant
  • must be able to adhere to a budget
  • must be comfortable staying in rustic accommodations
  • must have empathy, patience, and compassion for people
  • must want to genuinely help people through his/her food
  • must be ok with campers showering you with gratitude after each meal
  • must put LOVE in his/her food


Chef Ahi prepares amazing Camp Koru food with love
Photos, clockwise from top left: 1) Our dinner view at camp! 2) This is buffet food?? 3) Lunch on the fly! 4) A happy camper enjoys Ahi’s food 5) Sometimes dinner is by candlelight

Bottom line: You put LOVE in your food and we need you! Apply online here and mail info (at) that you are interested.



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