Gratitude from camp

We just finished up our first of two spring survivorship retreats here at Camp Koru, and I just received an email from one our campers that I had to share.

I want to express my gratitude for the extraordinary experience of being a part of Camp Koru this past week in Maui. I was so in my element, being active in surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, eating fabulous, healthy food, relaxing and being closer to nature, and most importantly, sharing stories and being with other cancer survivors. All of these parts of camp were rejuvenating and healing. My anxieties and worries dissipated for that entire week. I felt freer and more open. 
There is a quality of compassion and truth amongst people who understand the fragility of mortality. As survivors, it seems that we grow a new level of intensity in experiencing the world and the people around us, that can actually make us feel more alone. It is so important to me to have a support system and simply be amongst others who share similar experiences. And even better to challenge ourselves to new physical and mental accomplishments together, like surfing and stand up paddle boarding. We were able to genuinely express ourselves and our identities as cancer survivors. To me, living in this place of ‘realness’ is bliss. 
I am thankful for everything you do to help others who struggle as survivors. I am so inspired by your bravery and strength in turning a tragedy into wonderful opportunities for others. I would love to volunteer or help this organization flourish in any way that I can. Being a part of the cause is necessary for me. 
Thank you thank you thank you,
Wolf Rider (aka “Marisa”)

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