What could be better for healing for a cancer survivor than surfing, music, art?


Changing Fate partners with Athletes 4 Cancer to put ukuleles in the hands of Camp Koru participants for healing through musical art.

CHNGNF8.org, or “Changing Fate”, is a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is dedicated to providing cancer survivors and their caregivers free access to the tools they need to communicate what it means to survive, through art. Athletes 4 Cancer inspires life renewal through the healing powers of outdoor adventure in the ocean and the mountains. Together, the two organizations are uniting their gifts of survivor empowerment to impact 60 young lives at Athletes 4 Cancer’s Camp Koru in Maui, Hawaii, starting next week.


Changing Fate reached out to Athletes 4 Cancer with their 1,000 Ukes of Light campaign, which seeks to put a ukulele in the hands of cancer survivors and their caregivers, as a means to promote wellness, healing, and self-expression. Recognizing that surfing and ukuleles go hand-in-hand, Changing Fate found Athletes 4 Cancer’s Camp Koru Surf & SUP Camp for Cancer Survivors to be the perfect home for ukuleles to help change lives.

Changing Fate donated 30 ukuleles to Athletes 4 Cancer’s Spring camp program, and hopes to donate 30 more to their Fall camp program.


Tracy E. Thomas, CEO and founder of Changing Fate explains –

“These small, simple, and easy to learn instruments give the user the ability to transform themselves from victim to Survival Artist. Once those in need receive their gift of healing, we reach out to them again by providing quality knowledge, instruction, and guidance in how to play their new instrument, provided by professionals in the field.”


Thomas is a cancer survivor himself and is lead guitarist and vocalist for the group. Whether drawing, painting, doodling, filming, screaming, pounding or strumming, Changing Fate wants to help survivors make that happen as a means to communicate their story to the world at large.

Athletes 4 Cancer runs six Camp Koru sessions each year for cancer survivors, funded solely by individual, corporate and private donations. Adventures range from surfing and paddling in Hawaii, to skiing, snowboarding and yoga in Oregon. For more information, check out athletes4cancer.org and CHNGNF8.org.



One thought on “What could be better for healing for a cancer survivor than surfing, music, art?”

  1. Reblogged this on Pacific Winds and commented:
    I always find it inspiring when people use their talents to help people, a cause, or both! Of course being a musician and an ‘ukulele enthusiast I love to hear stories like this one.

    In a nut shell: Athletes 4 Cancer is an organization that gives cancer patients an opportunity to explore the outdoors and life after cancer. Here they are partnered with an organization called Changing Fate which is running a campaign called 1,000 Ukes of Light. Together they are giving patients and opportunity to express themselves through the ‘ukulele. I think it is an absolutely wonderful thing that they are doing and it always touches my heart to see people using the ‘ukulele to help others.

    You can read more about them on their blog here


    Their website here!

    Thank you Athletes 4 Cancer and Changing Fate for all the work that you’ve done and also for inspiring people around the world to make this world a better place!

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