Ready! Fire! Aim! is sometimes what you have to do


Ready! Fire! Aim!  Sometimes that’s just how you have to do it for the first time. No one’s done it before. There is no precedent. There are no books or google searches that give you the steps. No YouTube how-to videos.

Taking risks and breaking trail means you might hit some big rocks and unexpected challenges along the way.  Calculated intuition (that’s a thing, right?) helps. I like pickles and yogurt, not together. That helps with the gut, as in… what does your gut tell you? Mine is strong and speaks volumes. I follow it. I also listened to others’ guts. About 300 of them, in fact.

Sounds far from a scientific study on how to run a cancer survivorship retreat, huh? Yup, pretty much. This was the approach for our latest survivorship program, Ohana Mana, designed for cancer survivors who have attended our first survivor retreat, Camp Koru, and seeking a deeper experience that can help them find a great sense of purpose and accountability in all areas of life after cancer.

After running 18 camps of our first survivorship program, Camp Koru, we realized that many survivors needed something to help sustain and build upon the transformation that happened at that camp. Their lives after cancer were kick-started through Camp Koru, and they could use some additional long-term tools to keep that going. Our 300 + camp ambassadors spoke to us, their needs and feedback shaping a new program. There was no how-to for this new program, so we simply listened, and executed.

On September 24, we launched that first Ohana Mana retreat. We were open  with the participants from the beginning:

“This is a pilot retreat. It’s success, as much as your experience, rides on not only how much you put into it, but your input and feedback to help shape it. This is your opportunity to be a part of creating something amazing, long-lasting, and life-changing. Own it.”

This was the first task for the group as they started their journey of creating meaningful and purpose-driven experiences in life after losing that to their disease. When you empower people to take ownership and build something as a group, magic can happen. This was our approach to Ohana Mana. We’ll keep you in the loop as to how it unfolds, but so far, we’ve received great feedback.

There is a stigma in the non-profit world to focus only on what’s safe and working while avoiding risk to appease supporters. Running programs that return proven results is absolutely essential but sometimes you have to take risks to be innovative. And you have to be innovative in order to inspire change in the world. We want to inspire that change, with our supporters hand-in-hand in that success just like our survivors. Thank you for inspiring change in the world with us!

~ Tonia
Executive Director
Athletes 4 Cancer



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