Matt Scott Joins Athletes 4 Cancer Board of Directors

Athletes 4 Cancer welcomes Matt Scott to its Board of Directors. Matt is Cofounder and Chief Development Officer of CauseMic, a cause marketing firm that helps nonprofits develop and execute their digital marketing and fundraising strategies.

Matt and team raising buckets of bills at Kiteboard 4 Cancer

As a long-time supporter of Athletes 4 Cancer, an Oregonian and an experienced leader in the nonprofit space, Matt brings a passion for helping Athletes 4 Cancer grow its brand awareness and diversify its funding sources to achieve programmatic growth.

We asked Matt a few questions so our supporters could get to know him.

What excites you most about Athletes 4 Cancer?

Athletes 4 Cancer is entering an exciting growth period, and I love the thrill of contributing to a growing organization. With 28 camps completed and a half a dozen programs, there is a huge opportunity to leverage the lessons learned over the past decade to expand the reach of the organization. There are hundreds of thousands of young survivors looking for renewal through Athletes 4 Cancer’s programs, and I believe that Athletes 4 Cancer’s staff, volunteers and donors are fired up to expand the impact we have on young survivors. That’s pretty motivating.

What drew you to the nonprofit space?

While an undergraduate at Loyola Marymount University, I fell in love with the fulfillment that came from being a part of a mission-driven team. As my career in marketing and technology began to take shape, I looked for opportunities to fuse my passion for business with the needs of my community. One thing led to another and it became clear to me that I had more to gain and contribute from devoting my life’s work to nonprofits than other options before me.

Strategy meetings with Matt and A4C ED Tonia at a local Gorge winery.

What’s your fondest memory at Athletes 4 Cancer?

Being a part of the tenth annual Kiteboard 4 Cancer is certainly near the top of my list. It was thrilling to watch survivor after survivor be removed from the waitlist to attend camp throughout our record setting campaign. But if I had to choose, I’d say the early morning weekend strategy calls with Tonia and Mindy are among my favorite moments. There’s just something awesome about collaborating with passionate and talented people when the outcome is so meaningful.  

Snow or Surf camp?

Definitely surf camp! Though not the best swimmer, there’s something about Mt. Hood staring you down with a cold grin that makes me shiver in my boots.



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