2015 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer raises $123,422 for A4C survivorship programming

Kiteboarding 4 Cancer Powered by Patagonia

This year’s Kiteboarding 4 Cancer raised a record $123,422, helping us to fund our 2016 programs! Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered and contributed in one way or another. This event is a community effort! Here are some of the survivorship programs we have planned for 2016:

[NEW!] Survivorship retreats for metastatic cancer – A new retreat for individuals (and their caregivers) with advanced disease seeking an inspiring, fulfilling experience to enhance quality of life with metastatic cancer.

Camp Koru – Our core outdoor retreat program that empowers young cancer fighters and survivors, ages 18-39, to find healing, achievement, and life renewal through active outdoor experiences in the ocean and the mountains.

Ohana Mana retreats – Our 2nd tier survivorship program for cancer survivors who have attended Camp Koru and are seeking a deeper, profound experience that can help them find a great sense of purpose and accountability in all areas of life after cancer.

A huge thanks to our title sponsor, Patagonia!

Also many many thanks to all of our sponsors!! We could not make KB4C happen without your help!

Cash Sponsors

Cash sponsors allow us to cover critical event expenses so that donations go directly to the cause!

  • Patagonia
  • Iberdrola Renewables
  • Full Sail Brewing
  • Directors Mortgage
  • Cabrinha Kites
  • Ride Engine
  • Tonkin Subaru
  • North Kiteboarding
  • Constellation Associates
  • Native Eyewear
  • Big Winds
  • Naish Kites

In-Kind Sponsors:

These sponsors provide everything from marketing & publicity to great prizes for the kite derby, auctions and fundraising!

  • Dakine
  • Liquid Force Kites
  • Cascade Kiteboarding
  • The Kiteboarder Magazine
  • Kinesys Sun Protection
  • KIND Snacks
  • Vitacoco
  • Hood River Vacation Rentals
  • 2nd Wind Sports
  • Vela Resorts
  • Bob’s Red Mill
  • Oregon Screen Impressions
  • Ahi’s Ohana Catering Co.
  • The Local Grind
  • Coast to Coast Event Services
  • Apple Valley Country Store
  • Arctic Glacier Water
  • Rosauer’s
  • Hood River Hostel

Kiteboard 4 Cancer Race StartKiteboarding 4 Cancer Derby Race start from the chopper
Kite Derby Race Start Athletesfromtower-AJ1R1687 kids-podium_AJ1R2929 kiters_AJ1R1849 launching_GSZ3322 podium-AJ1R3093 racer-meeting-AJ1R9318 racestart-AJ1R9900 sundaypodium-AJ1R3830 taikodrums_DSC2861 team2ndwind-AJ1R2787



2014 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer breaks the record for fundraising for Camp Koru!

2014 Subaru KB4C

The 8th Annual Kiteboarding 4 Cancer raised $122,789 for Athletes 4 Cancer’s Camp Koru – enough to cover a full year’s worth of camps that help young survivors get their lives back after cancer.


Kiteboarding 4 Cancer is more than just a kiteboarding event, but the main event is a 6-hour endurance race that tests physical and mental strength and tenacity on the water. Kiteboarders hope for wind to help power their kites to go the full 6 hours, or over 100 miles on the Columbia River in front of the town of Hood River.


Despite a less-than-favorable forecast, the wind kicked in at about noon, increased throughout the day and blew strong and steady for several hours, giving the 154 participants of the 8th Annual Kiteboarding 4 Cancer fundraiser a full afternoon of sunny skies and steady wind to make this year’s 6-hour endurance race one of the best and most competitive in event history!

The event site, full of kites. Photo: Jen Jones
The event site, full of kites. Photo: Jen Jones
A view of the event site from the water. Photo: Richard Hallman

In a parallel of what cancer survivors endure on a daily basis, the KB4C endurance race is a test of personal grit and determination. Those who log the highest number of laps kite the entire six hours without taking a break — a feat not to be underestimated, especially this year with temperatures climbing into the 90s and the wind blowing considerably harder than expected.

Jackie Bishop heads out for her lap in the Kite Derby. Photo: Richard Hallman
A rider shows his support on the water. Photo: Richard Hallman
A rider shows his support on the water. Photo: Richard Hallman
A rider comes in close. Photo: Richard Hallman
A rider comes in close. Photo: Richard Hallman

Participants competed more than 2,300 laps around the 3-mile course, totaling nearly 7,000 miles of kiting. Individual male top three finishers were Brandon Scheid (70 laps), Tony Bolstad and Cory Roeseler; top three females were Carol Bolstad (48 laps), Rachel Callahan and Savannah Boersma and the top youth finisher was Veta Boersma (42 laps).

KB4C Founder Tonia Farman high 5's Patagonia team member and supporter Jason Slezak. Photo: Richard Hallman
KB4C Founder Tonia Farman high 5’s Patagonia team member and supporter Jason Slezak. Photo: Richard Hallman
Colorful kites take up event site real estate. Photo: Jen Jones

“I was out there riding for two hours straight, constantly working upwind. It was a struggle,” said participant Brianna Hirsch, a cancer survivor. “I was thinking, come on, you’ve been through cancer, you can do this.”

Hirsch’s team of cancer survivors, named Two Lymphomas and Two Ballers, was the top fundraising team this year, bringing in $8,408. Team members were Hirsch, Steve Fisher, Igor Alvarez and Jim Erjavek.

Kiteboarding brought me back to life after cancer experience,” said Hirsch, who teaches lessons for Cascade Kiteboarding School. “Last year was my first KB4C and it inspired me to get more involved.”


In all, athletes from Saturday’s endurance race raised more than $80,000 through pledges and individual fundraising efforts before the race even began.

The top individual fundraiser was cancer survivor and former U.S. National Team synchronized swimmer Mandi Browning, who broke the $10,000 threshold by the end of the weekend.

“Life can certainly throw you some major speed bumps,” Browning said on her KB4C fundraising page. “I think what makes the difference is how we choose to traverse them. I prefer to do this with grace, integrity, and living my life as a positive example for others (especially for my daughter). I am thankful for each new day that I have the privilege to be able to live, and I never take anything or anyone for granted. I was first diagnosed 17 years ago … I fought my last battle three years ago, and I’m standing my ground today, cancer-free. Hey, I’m still here, and I’ve got a lot of things that I’ve yet to accomplish … I want to be able to help others and encourage them in their fight; to be able to show them that all things are possible, and that we are all here to support each other. This is an incredible opportunity and I am honored to be a part of this awesome event.”

Camp Koru painted rocks at the Kids Art Tent. Photo: Jen Jones

On top of individual and team fundraising efforts, silent and live auctions held over the weekend brought nearly $25,000. Among the auction fundraisers, the Boards of Hope art project has become particularly popular, and inspiring, over the years. Boards of Hope can be traced back to Scott Farman, the late brother of KB4C founder Tonia Farman.

Boards of Hope boards line up at the KB4C Kickoff Party as a preview for Saturday's auction. Photo: Jen Jones
Boards of Hope boards line up at the KB4C Kickoff Party as a preview for Saturday’s auction. Photo: Jen Jones

“Boards of Hope began from the hospital bed of 19- year-old Scott Farman, fighting for his life with acute lymphocytic leukemia,” an excerpt from Athletes 4 Cancer’s website explains. “Scott turned to art for emotional release and when confined in the hospital. In the process, Scott created powerful works of art that today remain his legacy and inspiration for others to find healing through art and the outdoors.”


Cancer survivor and Camp Koru participant Samantha Newton created one of several of Boards of Hope for this year’s auction. Her board — a snowboard — depicted the snow-capped Cascade Mountain Range, under a brightly blue and sunny sky. In an email correspondence, Newton gave the following account of her motivation behind the board design, and her experience with a Camp Koru program on Mount Hood:

“During Camp KORU I participated in downhill skiing for the first time in my life, up on Mount Hood. I would be scared out of my mind, sometimes paralyzed with fear, unable to move down that mountain. And then an 8-year-old would zip by me at a million miles an hour like it was nothing. I’d think, how is that kid doing that? Just letting gravity take him down. “In my journey through cancer I was done with the uphill part, the fighting part. And it was hard, but it makes sense and a lot of people are there for you. “Before Camp KORU I was just wobbling up there at the top of the mountain, alone and scared to move on and filled with anxiety every time I tried to. My week with Tonia (Farman) and her organization and everyone that was on that mountain with me was truly life changing. “I want to go down now. I want to let life take me. It isn’t always easy, and sometimes I still struggle. But, because of the support I had conquering that mountain, I feel like I am more ready to conquer whatever is ahead of me.

“They say it isn’t about conquering the mountain, it’s about conquering yourself. I find that to be true and am finally beginning to move on in my real life because of Camp Koru, and those mountains I see in the distance each day.”


Other events at Kiteboarding 4 Cancer included the Kids Art Tent, The Live Music Stage, the Silent Auction, an Eat-Well demonstration by TrueMed Institute of Hood River, Beer by Full Sail Brewing, and the Boards of Hope live auction.

LoveBomb Go Go Band pulled out big sound for the big event. Photo: Jen Jones
LoveBomb Go Go Band pulled out big sound for the big event. Photo: Jen Jones
Announcer Gregg Gnecco makes the rounds around the event to talk to sponsors and supporters. Photo: Jen Jones
Announcer Gregg Gnecco makes the rounds around the event to talk to sponsors and supporters. Photo: Jen Jones
Lap counters sit on the point to get up close and personal with riders as they kite by. Photo: Jen Jones
Lap counters sit on the point to get up close and personal with riders as they kite by. Photo: Jen Jones
One World Taiko of Seattle, Washington bangs out thumping drum sounds for the start of the Kite Derby. Photo: Richard Hallman
One World Taiko of Seattle, Washington bangs out thumping drum sounds for the start of the Kite Derby. Photo: Richard Hallman
Athlete group hug. Photo: Richard Hallman
Surfboard shaper and legend Gerry Lopez hangs out at Kiteboarding 4 Cancer. Photo: Jen Jones
Fire dancers at the Kickoff Party Friday night. Photo: Jen Jones
Fire dancers at the Kickoff Party Friday night. Photo: Jen Jones
Party goers admire the Boards of Hope on display. Photo: Jen Jones
Party goers admire the Boards of Hope on display. Photo: Jen Jones
Belly Dancers kick off the Kickoff Party. Photo: Jen Jones
Belly Dancers kick off the Kickoff Party. Photo: Jen Jones

A huge shout of thanks to our sponsors –



Bob Stone Subaru


Full Sail Brewing

Liquid Force Kites

Cabrinha Kites

North Kites

Airush Kites


2nd Wind Sports


Allstate Insurance – Hood River Dawkins Insurance

Dub Box


Iberdrola Renewables

Native Eyewear

Naish Kites

Apple Valley BBQ

The Kiteboarder Magazine

John Wayne Cancer Foundation

Best Kiteboarding

Big Winds

Oregon Screen Impressions


KB4C Sponsors

Green Team kites for the cause of cancer

Fundraising Green Team say they are addicted to kiting. That's a good thing!
Fundraising Green Team say they are addicted to kiting. That’s a good thing!

“Here’s a picture of all of our kites that we used on our last vacation kiteboarding in Maui.  We named our KB4C team ‘The Green Team’ because everyone on our team loves nature and enjoys outdoor activities. Taking care of the environment is important to us. We have been addicted to it since our first lesson! We are from Colorado and Florida,” wrote Brad and Mary Thompson.



The kiteboarding GREEN TEAM rocked today’s Kiteboarding 4 Cancer  today. They had a rider on a hydrofoil board – not an easy board for a six hour ride. They helped raise money to support our programs that help young adults with cancer.

What a way to ride


Scenes & Results from Kiteboarding 4 Cancer 2013: KB4C Hits Goal, raising $100,038.18

The 7th Annual Kiteboarding 4 Cancer was a HUGE success, meeting our fundraising goal of $100,000 with numbers totaling $100,038!

Funds raised help put on Athletes 4 Cancer’s Camp Koru Survivorship Program for young adults with cancer. Additional beneficiaries of the silent auction include OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute’s Adolescent & Young Oncology Program.

The weekend started out with light to no wind on Saturday, but the festival never stopped with music, activities, art, and food! Saturday kicked off with a wind dance and welcome ceremony from the Warm Springs Tribe Canoe Group of Warm Springs, Oregon, followed by One World Taiko Drummer Group from Seattle, delivering heart-pounding traditional Japanese drumming beats.

Ben Bonham and his band kicked in mid-day with some foot-stomping high-energy bluegrass, and No More Parachutes out of Portland got the crowd moving around 2 pm, right before the Surf & Swim race. Mosley Wotta and his hip-hop funk band rounded out the live music with some high-energy beats just before the silent auction closed.

With the delay of the Kite Derby on Saturday, event organizers shifted the athletes’ focus to some alternate activities that could garner additional laps toward their Kite Derby total lap count. The first event was the Taiko Drum Dance, where athletes had to stand amongst their pumped up kites and dance to the beat of the Taiko Drums while lap counters walked around and marked their jersey number down for an extra lap. The second lap bonus event was the Surf or Swim Race, where relay teams of 4 could either swim or paddle a surfboard around a buoy in front of the event site. No surprise that Team Patagonia, a solid team of surfers from Ventura, California paddled their way to the top spot by a long shot. Team Patagonia won an extra lap for their team totals toward the Kite Derby and every one who participated also received a point toward their lap count.

Saturday finished with our Boards of Hope Live Auction followed by the silent auction, which, combined, raised $16,258!

Sunday kicked off with light winds again, and not enough to run the Kite Derby. Then, around 1 pm the westerlies started kicking in, and at 3:00 pm the 7th Annual Kite Derby Endurance Race began! With just 3 1/2 hours of wind, racers put in the fastest laps ever recorded for the event, with lap counts similar to the 5th & 6th hours in past Kite Derby Races. Total laps for the 3 1/2 hours equaled 1781, with 422 laps counted in just the last hour. Donors stepped up and pledged $2 per lap for the entire race and 4 per lap for the final hour, bringing in $4406 just in day-of lap pledges!

A huge thank you to our supporters: Subaru North America & Bob Stone Subaru of The Dalles, The John Wayne Cancer Foundation, Patagonia, FCD Surfboards, Full Sail Brewing, 7 Apps, Alaska Airlines, Native Eyewear, Providence Hood River, Cabrinha Kites, SoloSports Adventure Holidays, North Kiteboarding, Liquid Force Kiteboarding, Slingshot Kites, Dakine, 2nd Wind Sports, Dub-Box USA, Kinesys Performance Sunscreen, Vela Kitesurf Resorts, Orchard Bar, Coast to Coast Event Services, Apple Valley BBQ, Breffo, Vita Coco Coconut Water, Best Kiteboarding, and ClifBar.

Did you miss the start of the Kite Derby? Always an epic site, here’s the perspective from the top of the announcer’s tower:


…And photos from photographers Richard Hallman and Jim Stringfellow. Complete results at the bottom of the photos! 



boh-HALLMAN5546 brianna-HALLMAN5680 brianna-HALLMAN7854 brianna-jas-HALLMAN8140 colleen-sensi-HALLMAN5002 competitor-photo-HALLMAN4912 drum-HALLMAN4826 grom-HALLMAN8975 group-HALLMAN8716 HALLMAN4988heli-HALLMAN6782jesse-HALLMAN5223 post-swim-HALLMAN5469 race-HALLMAN7514

tribe-HALLMAN4854 swim-HALLMAN5295 jenny-HALLMAN5616 brianna-HALLMAN8697windance-HALLMAN4948
trophy-HALLMAN5236 artboards-HALLMAN5499 johnwayne-HALLMAN5662 aerial-HALLMAN6506


Kite Derby Top Finishers — All counts below include bonus lap extracurricular events – the Surf or Swim Race, the Kite Dance, and the Symbol Photo.

Overall Individual:

  1. Grom Gormley – 42
  2. Gabor Vagi – 41
  3. Tony Bolstad – 38
  4. Cory Roeseler – 36
  5. Eric Reimer – 36

Overall Women:

  1. Carol Bolstad – 34
  2. Colleen Carroll – 31
  3. Rachel Callahan – 30

Teams: Combined lap count of all members riding 

  1. Team Naish – 36 (tie for 1st)
  2. 2nd Wind Sports – 36 (tie for 1st)
  3. Blade Kites – 33 (tie for 3rd)
  4. Liquid Force – 33 (tie for 3rd)

Groms: 18 and under

  1. Derek Fromm (16) – 29 laps
  2. Erin Mayer (15) – 27 laps (tie for 2nd)
  3. Vetea Boersma (12) – 27 laps (tie for 2nd)
  4. Savannah Boersma (14) – 21 laps

All Competitors by Jersey #:

Laps Jersey Name Team
11 5 Edginton  
19 8 Todd  
1 9 Nora H  
31 10 Carroll C  
  12 Elsasser E  
17 13 Heckathorn  
19 16 Vandome  
  17 Wolverton  
  18 Lapidus  
17 19 Gray  
14 20 O’Gorman J  
15 21 Beamer  
3 23 Hirsch  
27 24 Mayer  
30 25 Kelsey  
2 26 Langmaid  
21 27 Boersma S  
1 29    
29 30 Dennis  
1 32    
34 34 Bolstad C  
42 35 Gormley  
27 36 Maher  
2 37 Roeseler T  
2 38 Johnson  
2 39 Spurgeon  
2 40 Nora B  
10 41 Ackerman W  
2 42 Ackerman H  
24 43 Ackerman P  
38 44 Bolstad T  
30 45 Callahan  
28 46 Cross  
6 47 Vincent  
22 48 Boersma V  
24 49 Redman  
1 50 Silvernager  
1 51 Baker  
26 52 Bassett cabrinha crushers
52 McClure cabrinha crushers
52 McKenna A cabrinha crushers
52 McKenna I cabrinha crushers
33 53 Ward  
32 54 Kipling  
2 59    
1 60    
1 62 Lieberman Jace HuiHanaHou
62 Lieberman James HuiHanaHou
62 Lieberman Julia HuiHanaHou
27 63 Wylie team Spark
1 64 larkman  
3 65 Lathrop  
34 67 Norwood  
29 68 Fromm D  
33 69 Holmes Blade kites USA
69 Shaw Blade kites USA
69 Tse Blade kites USA
14 70 Gilman  
4 71 Nora P  
7 72 Larivee  
20 83 McKenna E  
23 84 Nash  
2 85 Wayne  
25 100 Rubin  
  101 McConnell  
2 102 Langmaid  
  103 Bold  
33 104 Graves Liquid Force
104 Kowalska Liquid force
104 Scheid Liquid Force
104 Smith Liquid Force
21 105 Fromm A  
22 106 Billets  
1 107 Reagan  
19 108 Eagan  
12 109 Schurton  
18 110 Mills  
41 111 Vagi  
21 112 Jorgensen  
14 113 Davis A Team Audrey
113 Davis M Team Audrey
113 Tayes G Team Audrey
113 Yates S Team Audrey
30 114 Yanakiev  
14 115 Cramer E  
8 116 Cohn  
22 117 Bradley Cabrinha legends
117 Elsasser Ed Cabrinha legends
117 Kinney Cabrinha legends
117 Lucas Cabrinha legends
  118 Doces  
27 119 Cook J cabrinha crusiers
119 Cook K cabrinha crusiers
119 Elsasser M cabrinha crusiers
119 Orzeck cabrinha crusiers
7 120 Roeseler L  
19 121 Zilberstein  
  122 Miller G  
31 123 Davison  
1 124 Carroll J  
25 125 Richardson Loops for lives
1 125 Cronin Loops for lives
36 126 Roeseler C  
25 127 Kitt O’Go
127 Miller S O’Go
127 Morgan O’Go
127 Murphy B O’Go
127 Murphy D O’Go
127 O’Gorman M O’Go
127 O’Gorman P O’Go
127 Salmon M O’Go
127 Salmon S O’Go
127 Wheeler O’Go
30 128 Ronk team North
128 Cunningham team North
128 schwarz team North
128 Kites team North
32 129 Newcomb  
25 131 Brown south padre island kite kings
131 Cohen south padre island kite kings
131 Sanders south padre island kite kings
131 Woodcock south padre island kite kings
27 132 Chouinard patagonia wind breakers
132 Lazinski patagonia wind breakers
132 McCaffery patagonia wind breakers
132 Slezak patagonia windbreakers
4 133 Winston  
18 134 Dawson  
  135 Elsasser A  
31 136 Gato Native eyewear
136 Koudele Native eyewear
136 Rienstra Native eyewear
136 Stewart Native eyewear
2 137 Anderson  
1 138 Sisk  
16 139 Cernera  
  143 Schenk  
12 145 Fisher  
2 157 Zallen  
33 158 Schonger  
24 160 Beeler  
20 161 Kohlwey Gorge Animals
161 Madden Gorge Animals
161 Taylor Gorge Animals
161 Wolff Gorge Animals
27 165 Clifford patagonia windmaker
165 Lang patagonia windmaker
165 Romano patagonia windmaker
165 Stevens patagonia windmaker
  168 Erjavec  
  170 Gallegos  
36 172 Blair Naish
172 Duhaime Naish
172 Richman J Naish
172 Richman S Naish
19 173 Buttrick  
6 174 Curtright(theory)  
36 186 Barnes 2nd wind
186 Edgar 2nd wind
186 Gerald 2nd wind
186 Giesler 2nd wind
36 197 Reimer  
    Leslie Nick  
    Leslie Nicolas  


Kiteboarding 4 Cancer Schedule for July 12-14

It’s Athletes 4 Cancer’s annual fundraiser, and it’s this weekend!



  • Rider’s Meeting at 10:00 am to go over the day with a possible 1:00 pm Race Start. Meet at 10:00 am at the Event Site in front of the Announcer’s Tower for all the info.

Friday, July 12th

  • 4-6 pm: Athlete Check-in & Registration
  • 5-7 pm: Community & Athlete Waterfront Dinner
  • 8:30 pm: KB4C Kickoff Party w/Boards of Hope on display @ the British Pub, Downtown Hood River

Saturday, July 13th

  • 8:00-9:45 am: Registration, Kite Derby Endurance Race
  • 9:30 am: Silent Auction opens
  • 10:00 am: Kite Derby Rider’s Meeting
  • 10:15 One World Taiko Drummer Group
  • 10:15 am: Riders launch
  • 10:30 am: Kite Derby Endurance Race Start (May change, weather-dependent)
  • Noon: Full Sail Brewing Beer Garden opens
  • 12-2:00 pm: Athlete lunch served in athlete lounge by Chef Mark Whitehead, aka “Ahi” at Camp Koru
  • 12-1:00 pm: Live Music on the music stage — Ben Bonham & His Band
  • 2:00-3:00 Live Music on the music stage — No More Parachutes
  • 4:00-5:30 pm: Live on the music stage — Mosley Wotta
  • 4:30-5:30 pm: Kite Derby Endurance Race, scheduled finish
  • 4:30-6:30 pm: Late athlete lunch served in athlete lounge by Chef Mark Whitehead, aka “Ahi” at Camp Koru
  • 6:00 pm: Boards of Hope / Silent Auction Closes
  • 6:15 pm: Boards of Hope Live Auction
  • 7:00 pm: Kite Derby Race Awards
  • 8:00 pm: Estimated Finish

Sunday, July 14th

  • 10-11:30 am: Kite Relay Race Registration
  • 11:00-Noon: Never-Ever-Windsurfed-Before Race Registration
  • 11:30 am: Relay on the Green 4-Person Team Kite Relay Race
  • 1:30 pm: Never-Ever-Windsurfed-Before Kickstart & Race
  • 3:00 pm: Race Awards
  • 4:00 pm: KB4C Fundraising Awards
  • 4:30 pm: Estimated Event Close


How to be a Rock Star Fundraiser 101

With Kiteboarding 4 Cancer quickly approaching, many of you are fundraising for Athletes 4 Cancer for the first time. Don’t fret! It’s not that scary. Be genuine in what you’re fundraising for, tell the story of why you’re participating in KB4C, and people will support you.

[ Need a quick blurb of what KB4C raises funds for? Here it is… ]

Kiteboarding 4 Cancer raises funds for Athletes 4 Cancer’s Camp Koru Survivorship program, which empowers young survivors to find healing, strength, and life-renewal after cancer through outdoor adventure retreats in the ocean and the mountains.


The content below was adapted from a blog post at GiveForward. It’s a long one, so I tried to reduce to just the CRITICAL points. 

How to be a great fundraiser 101

Tell your story: Why are you doing this event? Were you effected by cancer somehow? Do you just like the cause and want to deeply impact others’ lives? Do you love A4C? Tell your story!

Spread the word & don’t start with Facebook: Spreading the word to friends & family is critical to reaching your fundraising goal. But what you might not know is that there is a right way and a wrong way to spread the word to your peeps. These tips can make all the difference in whether you raise $50 or $5000 so take note…. see below.

The Wrong Way: Sending a mass email right after setting up your page. 

I guess it makes sense to first start off by telling you what not to do. What you don’t want to do is set up your fundraising page and then IMMEDIATELY send a mass email or shout out to everyone you know asking them to donate (like on Facebook). Sending a mass announcement/email to start off your campaign sounds intuitive, but in fact, this is a bad idea.

Sending a mass email should be the LAST step you take, not the first. Why?

  1. Mass emails are impersonal. People don’t feel as compelled to donate when they receive a mass email. People respond much much much more positively when they receive a phone call or a personalized email that is directed towards them.
  2. If you send out a single mass email to everyone you know, you have no control over WHO DONATES FIRST. Why does it matter who donates first? Well, it has to do with the law of monkey see, monkey do. When people come to your fundraising page, they check out the donor list to see the average donation size. Then they donate a similar amount. If they see that most people are donating between $50-$100, then they will likely donate between $50-$100. On the other hand, if they check out your donor list and see that most people are donating between $5-$10, then they’ll probably donate $5-$10 too.
    By contacting all your friends, family, co-workers and schoolmates at the same time with a single mass email, you’re leaving your fundraising campaign entirely up to chance, as you’ll have no control over who donates first. For all you know, your first few donations might be from people who give you $5 or $10 prompting subsequent donors to donate equally small amounts and making it hard for you to ever reach your fundraising goal.

To summarize, mass emails can be a very useful tool to reach out to lots of people. However, the mass email should always be the last step, not the first!

The Right Way: Categorize your contacts & start BIG.

Categorize your potential donors into different groups and then contact them over a period of weeks starting with your Big Guns (i.e. those likely to donate the largest amounts) first.

Big Guns: Parents, grandparents, spouses, aunts, and uncles, siblings. The people you know well and that know you best are most likely to be the most generous.

Friends PLUS +: More awesome than 99% of the world, but not as awesome as the Big Guns. This consists of more family, friends, family friends and co-workers. Most of these people will donate as well, but maybe not as generously as group 1.

Stretch Group: Consists of FB friends, friends of friends and other acquaintances. These people probably won’t donate the 1st or 2nd time you ask them, but with persistence, they will.

When approaching Big Guns and Friends PLUS+, pick up the phone and make that call! Or send a nice letter. For the stretch group, Facebook posting is fine, just make sure you tell the story that is specific to you, not someone else, as part of the StayClassy pages.

Don’t forget to tell people what where the money goes… (see Camp Koru, above). People donate to YOU, but you stand for something much bigger. If you have any questions about A4C’s Camp Koru program or Kiteboarding 4 Cancer, don’t hesitate to email info at athletes4cancer.org or check out the Athletes 4 Cancer website.

Stick with the 3 Ps for successful fundraising – Personalization, Promotion, and Persistence –and you’ll be on your way! Thank you for your support!!

2012 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer Results, Photos & Video!

The 6th Annual Kiteboarding 4 Cancer comes to a close and we raised over $97,262  $110,122 $112,122! Here’s results, photos, and other interesting anecdotes from the weekend! Thank you to all the athletes, volunteers, sponsors, artists, donors, visitors and participants who helped make this event a HUGE success!!

Event Committees.

  • Event Director: Tonia Farman
  • Logistics & Athlete Tent: Alina Aaron
  • Boards of Hope & Auctions: Kristyn Fix, Machelle Dotson
  • Registration & Athletes: Terese Roeseler, Katie Rae
  • Race Committee: Gregg Gnecco, Kevin Murray, Jane Sebastian
  • Volunteer Coordination: Natalie Cox
  • Setup & Construction: Kip Wylie
  • Super Volunteers: Garret Zallen, John Price, Dave Aiken, Brian Wolff, Elaina Cernera, Olivia Halfen, Kimberly Fink, Ken Lucas, Carol Birdsell and family, The Fitzpatrick family, Norman Arkoff, Heidi Roberts, Ryan Shulz, Rayna Morton, Grant Roesler, Patricia Cooper, Pete & Molly Anderson (the “Mother of Kiteboarding”), Cris Rettler, Julie Spinuzzi & family, Sophia DeWolfe, Shanda Pickhardt, Alexis Vaughan, Elizabeth Goodrich, Shannon Rodine, the entire crew from Oncology Youth Connection!!
  • Photographers: Richard Hallman, Jennifer Gulizia, Enrique Abreu

Interesting Stats.

  • Amount raised at event: $97,262 $110,122 & still counting!!
  • Total number of Laps: 1414
  • $ average raised per lap based on total $ raised: $68
  • Average # of Laps per person: 10.1
  • # of Individuals: 70
  • # of Teams: 17 (4 riders per team)
  • Total athletes: 148
  • States represented: 15
  • Countries represented: 7
  • Athlete funds raised online: $65,921 $66,292 (still counting)
  • Funds raised before the event began on Friday: $64,000
  • # of marriage proposals: 2
  • Average kite size for Kite Derby: 10 meter
  • Cancer survivors (that we know of): 26
  • Number of families kiting or volunteering as a family: 8
  • Number of beers sold: 687

Start #1 Video:


  1. Grom 45
  2. Jan Boersma 38
  3. Scott Edgar 32
  4. Phillip Schonger 32
  5. Nick Ward 31
  6. Jason Norwood 30
  7. Derek Fromm 30
  8. Cory Roeseler 29
  9. Robert Redman 28
  10. Tony Bolstad 27
  11. Allan Beeler 27
  12. Rachel Callahan 26
  13. Chali Zna 25
  14. Ben McFarlane 25
  15. Jeff Castleberry 25
  16. Carol Bolstad 23
  17. Kip Wylie 22
  18. Jim Erjavec 21
  19. Jason Jorgenson 20
  20. Dominique Granger 20
  21. Trey Roeseler 19
  22. Eric Reime 19
  23. Jadie DeLille 18
  24. Toby Winston 17
  25. Moshe Zilberstein 16
  26. Francis Cronin
  27. Travis Ronk 12
  28. Nicholas Cooper 12
  29. Nate Regan 11
  30. Sean Bold 11
  31. Barry Paul 11
  32. Ryan Lorence 11
  33. KC Nash 11
  34. Jose Gruary 10
  35. Laura Chung 10
  36. Steve Boyle 10
  37. M. Thompson 9
  38. Vicki Roberts 9
  39. Jim Buttrick 9
  40. Steve Fisher 9
  41. Karleen Swarztraka 8
  42. Elliot Zna 8
  43. Bill Dayne 7
  44. Scott Henderson 6
  45. Brian Campagna 6
  46. James Johnson 5
  47. Matt Dawson 5
  48. Margy Johnson 5
  49. Dave Larkman 4
  50. Laura Maher 4
  51. Chris Taylor 3
  52. Scott Fitzpatrick 3
  53. Caroline Heckathorn 3
  54. John Carroll 3
  55. Claire Snelling 3
  56. Matt Doces 3
  57. Patrick Floewin 2
  58. Darcie Grey 2
  59. Mike Billetts 2
  60. Ryan Curtright 1
  61. Brad Wolverton 1
  62. Mark Zugsmith
  63. Patricia Langmaid
  64. Bob Denier
  65. Charles Langmaid
  66. Monica Bassett
  67. Jenna Edginton
  68. Chris Miller
  69. Woody Spurgeon
  70. Pepi Gerald
  1. Rachel Callahan – 26
  2. Carol Bolstad – 23
  3. Dominique Granger – 20


  1. Blade 37
    Marlys Holmes, Andy Holmes, Patrick Harber, Mike Shaw
  2. Exotikite 35
    Ian Sanders, Taylor Meehan, Mac Skaggs, Ben Skaggs
  3. Liquid Force 35
    Colleen Carroll, Craig Cunningham, Brandon Scheid, Dave Grove
  4. Cabrinha Cruisers 34
    Cameron Rogers, Reo Stevens, Aspen McKenna, Ian McKenna
  5. Nooby Rash’s Riders 34
    Nick Stuart, Sam Light, Ashlee Bridgewater, Mike Duhaime
  6. Team North 33
    Dan Schwarz, Brian Schwarz, Luke Hill, Devin Carroll
  7. Cabrinha Cruisers Team 2- 32
    Randy Orzeck, Kirsten Ulmer, Jeff Paul, Matt Elsasser
  8. Team Tequila 30
    Tony Colburn, Ryan Schenk, Carl Davison, Jim Schenk
  9. Wind Breakers/Patagonia 28
    Jason Slezak, Jason McCaffrey, Fletcher Chouinard, Chris Lazinski
  10. Team Best 26
    Tom van Veen, Ben van Veen, Dominick van Veen, Chris Bobryk
  11. HRV Kite Club 23
    Levi Roeseler, Nick Cooper, Cory Roeseler
  12. Team Native 23
    Justin Wiley, Felix Granapos, Ryan Huggins, Lance Koudele
  13. Team Mojo 22
    Lance Larivee, Greg Lawler, Carl Blakeslee, Ben Jacobson,
  14. SPI Salty Pirates 19
    Nicole Corbett, Brett Newcomb, Jim Brown, Christian Zapian
  15. Ack Attack 18
    Peter Ackerman, Henry Ackerman, William Ackerman, Lucy Ackerman
  16. Last but not least 11
    David Maccabee
  17. Team CHAP 2
    Brian Currier, Mike Finer, Brian Greenleaf, Tony Baton

Top Fundraisers:

  1. Steve Fisher $5905
  2. Matheo Vincent $5726
  3. Jason Jorgenson $3050
  4. Marvin Wayne $2950
  5. Lance Larivee $2475
  6. Carl Blakeslee $2355
  7. Tom van Veen $2286
  8. Scott Fitzpatrick $2020
  9. Greg Lawler $1935
  10. Brian Schwarz $1771

Top Fundraising Teams:

  1. Team Mojo $7335
  2. Team Sparks $6505
  3. Team North $5517
  4. Team Liquid Force $4456
  5. Team Best $3241
Interesting Athlete Facts & Quotes:
  • “My kryptonite is my big clumsy hands.” ~ Brian Schwarz, Team North
  • “I’m from New Zealand, so I have a sheep tattoo.” ~ Luke Hill
  • Matt Elsasser was dropped down a flight of stairs when he was 4 years old.
  • “I have 2 webbed toes.” ~ Ashlee Bridgewater, Team Naish
  • Mike Duhaime has his pilot license but never flies.
  • Henry Ackerman competed with his brothers and Dad
  • Kari Swarztrauber kited for her Dad who died of cancer 1 year ago. “He was my hero.”
  • Aspen McKenna, mother of a 3-year old, says her first kite lesson was on her honeymoon 7 years ago in South Africa.
  • Professional kiteboarder Reo Stevens: “This is my first time back in Hood River in 12 years, and the frist place to leave Hawaii for.”
  • “I’m somewhat accident-prone.” ~ Ben van Veen
  • “I can’t keep up with my 12-year old son…” ~ Tom van Veen
  • Patagonia / FCD Surfboard shaper Fletcher Chouinard on how he started shaping boards… “to become a better surfer.”
  • Jason Slezak, 34-years old, and has broken more bones than years of his life.
  • “I have 3 kids all under the age of 5 and still manage to kite. ” ~ Mindy
  • “I am deathly afraid of mayonnaise.” ~ Sam Light, Naish Team rider
  • “If I was a fruit, I would probably be a banana.” ~ Dave Grove
  • “My left foot is bigger than my right cuz it’s closer to my heart.” ~ Devin Carroll
  • “After watching this event for 5 years, I am overwhelmed at participating for the first time. I also had my first kite tangle today!” ~ Chris Taylor
  • “I made out with Paula Abdul before she was crazy.” ~ Carl Blakeslee
  • “The best part of the event is riding with my friends and not having to be a pro. I even rode in my pink tutu!” ~ Cameron Rogers
  • “I once traveled from Prague to Vienna without my passport by sneaking past officials. ” ~ Lance Larivee
  • “Quit drinking 3 1/2 months ago, and I am done drinking forever.” ~ Richard Hallman
  • “I have no sense of smell.” ~ Levi Roeseler
  • Chris Lazinski is riding for his aunt who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Last year he rode for his cousin who died of cancer.
  • “I’m a squash National Champion.”~ Brian Greenleaf
  • “I really like the 3-spike fork (Trident)! I’m riding for my sister who is just finishing treatment.” ~ Dominique Granger
  • “Was a pro windsurfer for 1 year.” ~ Vicki Roberts
  • “I’ve kited every year of KB4C.” ~ Tony Colburn
  • “Out from Montana for this event. My whole family has been affected by cancer.” ~ Mike Thompson
Thank you to our sponsors who provided the following….
Patagonia, Slingshot, Cabrinha, Naish, North, Airush, Providence Hood River, Full Sail Brewing, and Native Eyewear: Our cash sponsors, who, with their help, allowed us to put on this event. We still have to pay rental expenses to the Port of Hood River, the rental companies, the security company, and others to put on this event. Cash sponsors help offset these costs. A huge thank you to these sponsors!!
Native Eyewear: Polarized eyewear for our announcers, the silent auction and the top 50 fundraisers!!!
Full Sail Brewing: 12 kegs for KB4C to raise money with, silent auction gift coolers, Sessions and $100 gift certificates for top Kite Derby finishing Teams!!
Dakine: SX Travel bags, EQ Bags, Messenger bags, accessory bags for top fundraisers!!
Oregon Scientific: ATC Action HD Video Cameras & $20 off coupon for top 25 fundraisers!!
Liquid Force Kites: 2-Kite Quiver of 2013 Envys to one of the top fundraisers!
Slingshot: 2013 Kiteboard for a top fundraiser & silent auction items!
Providence Hood River: Water & Fruit, First Aid Supplies!
Solosports: One all-expense paid vacation in San Carlos Solosports-style for the top Kite Derby winner!!
Vela Kitesurf: 6-night Vacation in one of Vela’s Caribbean kiteboarding locations for a top fundraiser!
Kinesys Suncare: Sunscreen spray for our athletes!!
Palapas Ventana: 5-night Baja Vacation in La Ventana at Palapas Ventana for the silent auction!
Lumeria Maui: 3 nights at Lumeria Maui Ecoventure Retreat in Maui for the silent auction!
Flow Hood River & Day Spa: 50 free class certificates to top 50 fundraisers, a 1-week and 6 month membership for the silent auction!
Cascade Kiteboarding: 3-package of kiteboarding lessons for the silent auction and on-water rescue service during KB4C!
2nd Wind Sports: Athletes for Cancer/2nd Wind Sports Camelbak water bottles
Apple Valley BBQ: Athlete & Volunteer Dinner on Friday night and pies galore for Kite Derby winners!!
Gorge Delights: Fruit bars for all of our athletes!!
Columbia Gorge Organic: Juices and bars for our athletes!!
ZICO Coconut Water: Coconut water for our athletes!
Our massage therapists…
Julie Thames, Hamid Shibata Bennett, Colette Chavez Walker
And our physical therapists…
Heidi Roberts from Motion Therapy and Ryan Shulz from Active Edge PT