Paddle 4 Cancer

Paddle 4 Cancer is a paddling race in Oregon that empowers paddlers to challenge themselves with endurance, determination, and tenacity in the fight against cancer. The event is going on its fourth year, and moving from the small town of Hood River to the center of the city in Portland, right on the riverfront. The event is also opening up to paddleboards, kayak, OC-1 and OC-2, so the name has evolved to PADDLE 4 CANCER.

Paddle 4 Cancer is an Athletes for Cancer event as part of the Tenacity Games series of action sport fundraising events for A4C camps and partner programs.

2012 is the event’s first year of giving to a cancer program that is truly relevant to the event and the activities raising funds — the Athletes for Cancer SUP & Surf Survivorship Camps!

If you are interested in sponsorship for the 2012 SUP 4 Cancer event on September 1st, contact Tonia Farman – tonia (at)

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