Common Myths of surviving cancer as a young adult (an infographic that explains it all)

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What could be better for healing for a cancer survivor than surfing, music, art?


Changing Fate partners with Athletes 4 Cancer to put ukuleles in the hands of Camp Koru participants for healing through musical art., or “Changing Fate”, is a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is dedicated to providing cancer survivors and their caregivers free access to the tools they need to communicate what it means to survive, through art. Athletes 4 Cancer inspires life renewal through the healing powers of outdoor adventure in the ocean and the mountains. Together, the two organizations are uniting their gifts of survivor empowerment to impact 60 young lives at Athletes 4 Cancer’s Camp Koru in Maui, Hawaii, starting next week.


Changing Fate reached out to Athletes 4 Cancer with their 1,000 Ukes of Light campaign, which seeks to put a ukulele in the hands of cancer survivors and their caregivers, as a means to promote wellness, healing, and self-expression. Recognizing that surfing and ukuleles go hand-in-hand, Changing Fate found Athletes 4 Cancer’s Camp Koru Surf & SUP Camp for Cancer Survivors to be the perfect home for ukuleles to help change lives.

Changing Fate donated 30 ukuleles to Athletes 4 Cancer’s Spring camp program, and hopes to donate 30 more to their Fall camp program.


Tracy E. Thomas, CEO and founder of Changing Fate explains –

“These small, simple, and easy to learn instruments give the user the ability to transform themselves from victim to Survival Artist. Once those in need receive their gift of healing, we reach out to them again by providing quality knowledge, instruction, and guidance in how to play their new instrument, provided by professionals in the field.”


Thomas is a cancer survivor himself and is lead guitarist and vocalist for the group. Whether drawing, painting, doodling, filming, screaming, pounding or strumming, Changing Fate wants to help survivors make that happen as a means to communicate their story to the world at large.

Athletes 4 Cancer runs six Camp Koru sessions each year for cancer survivors, funded solely by individual, corporate and private donations. Adventures range from surfing and paddling in Hawaii, to skiing, snowboarding and yoga in Oregon. For more information, check out and


Amazing what is happening long after camp is over.

camp10-10.31lg-1453A huge thanks to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, The North Face, and the many individual donors who contributed throughout 2013 to make Camp Koru a huge success. Thank you to all!!

Below is a brief graphic report on our major impact to date. We measure the impact and effectiveness of our programs by the quality of the outcomes, not the quantity. Testimonials are one of our most powerful measures, and walking the talk is even more important. When attendees of Camp Koru leave camp and integrate back into normal life, most often there is a shift in direction. About 50% of our ambassadors report that they have either volunteered in their own cancer community or played a lead role in taking action in the cancer awareness and/or survivorship arenas. Inspiring leadership, passion and philanthropy in our ambassadors’ community is one of the goals of Camp Koru. As a value we aim to nurture and strengthen long after camp, volunteerism has an impact that touches thousands more lives than just the one we served.

Thank you for your support. If you are so inspired to make more impact, we could use your help for upcoming camp programs. Please consider making a donation here.  Happy New Year & we hope to see you again in 2014!

Athletes 4 Cancer 2013 Camp KoruAthletes 4 Cancer creates life-changing experiences for young adult cancer fighters and survivors through outdoor adventure programs that challenge, support, and inspire individuals to rebuild their lives after cancer.


Athletes 4 Cancer is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, IRS tax ID #42-1737854. We fund our event and charities solely through tax-deductible contributions from private individuals, corporations and foundations. For more information on Camp Koru and Athletes 4 Cancer, go to

John Wayne Cancer Foundation supports 2013 Camp Koru

John Wayne Cancer Foundation

The John Wayne Cancer Foundation has announced its support of our 2013 Camp Koru program through a grant that will fund 50% of the four week-long camps. We our honored and thrilled to have the John Wayne Cancer Foundation as an ongoing partner in cancer awareness and survivorship programs like Camp Koru!

The generosity of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation helped Athletes 4 Cancer start and carry out this program. JWCF and Athletes 4 Cancer share a mutual vision for harnessing the healing powers of physical activity and the outdoors to bring courage, strength, and grit to the fight against cancer.

JWCF - Camp Koru

The John Wayne Cancer Foundation has supported Athletes 4 Cancer’s Camp Koru since 2011, and has supported Athletes 4 Cancer’s Kiteboarding 4 Cancer fundraiser since 2008. We are proud to run camps with the John Wayne legacy of to someday end cancer in our lifetimes. Thank you JWCF!

JWCF Athletes 4 Cancer Camp Koru

JWCF Athletes 4 Cancer Camp Koru

Learn more about the John Wayne Cancer Foundation here and JWCF’s involvement as an ongoing supporter of Camp Koru!